Back to School Math Review - Digital!

Back to school math review 3rd grade cover
I don't usually do this... but I think a lot of your students might need a digital back to school math review! This summer I got worried about those kiddos who have been out of the school buildings since March and that they may have more "learning loss or "summer slide" then usual. So I decided to create a resource for second grade and third grade! they would help you with in class math centers, or hybrid or remote learning /distance learning!

The second grade resources review important first grade math skills and concepts, and includes activities, games, review videos from yours truly, and how to videos for kids on how to complete the activity. The third grade math review reviews second grade math skills but is similar. I wanted to give you a walk through of the third grade resources so you can see if it would help your students.

Second grade teachers, you can see yours here and get details to determine that it would indeed help!


This reviews important second grade math skills!

word problems
If you're not sure what interactive slides means, check out my Facebook video!
measurement word problems
money word problems
Adding numbers game
add 10 and add 100 game
Games will keep students super engaged and not realize they are working!
place value up to 999
video review lessons
counting within 1,000place value
arrays and repeated addition
Hundreds grid
This will really help students, especially if they are at home and don't have a hundreds chart on hand.

They love the interactive dice and spinners too, and you can play these/complete these during virtual meetings or as instructional tools in your lesson! Use the back to school math review however it helps your students! And if you need tips on how to Navigate Google Classroom and assign it/share it, click here.

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