Fun Ideas to Practice Math Skills

Fun Ideas to Practice Math Skills
Let's talk about some fun ideas to practice math skills with your students or children! Math doesn't always seem fun to some children, teachers, or parents, but it's easy to make it fun! Trust me!

Fun Ideas to Practice Math Skills 
Math Dice from ThinkFun is a  Toy of the Year nominee and has instructions included so children can start gameplay ASAP!  Some of my second graders even would get these out during indoor recess. Click on the image to learn more at Amazon.

Fun Ideas to Practice Math Skills 
Connect math to STEM and embrace the practice of logic skills with games like Rush Hour Traffic Jam from Think Fun! This was another good indoor recess choice and I enjoyed making it a math center choice in the spring.
Fun Ideas to Practice Math Skills
Suduko at beginning levels is a fun way for young students to practice addition, subtraction, and logic skills! I used to download free puzzles from various websites for my second graders (it's a great way to differentiate, too) but this puzzle book is terrific too!

Math riddles from Primary Inspiration  by Linda Nelson are a terrific way to get your students reviewing and reinforcing math skills! They are funny and engaging and students will barely realize they are working and learning! She has plenty more at her Teachers Pay Teachers Store.
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Shark's Secret Numbers is a Freebie!

Try some of my Digital Math Resources too, including Digital Task Cards, Self Grading Google Forms and even Boom Cards! They also have great benefits but are slightly different. To learn more, check out these blog posts:
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