Fun Ways to Practice Spelling Trick Words

Fun Ways to Practice Spelling Trick Words

Hey teachers! Looking for fun ways to practice spelling trick words? I have ideas for you right here!

Play Doh or Clay

Play doh is fun and easy to use, and super for shorter words for kindergarten and first graders.

Pipe Cleaners

Pipe cleaners are an underrated but fun, hands on way to make letters and therefore trick words! 

Magnetic Letters 

They are classic - but have you played the what's missing game? Have students make the word with magnets and then you make the same word, but (out of sight) remote a letter (or two or three) and have students guess what's missing from the word. It's a great way for them to practice what the word looks like.

Fun Ways to Practice Spelling Trick WordsFun Ways to Practice Spelling Trick Words
This is what my What's Missing? looks like (left) and another quick activity I did that you can try where I mix up the letters and say "You be the teacher. Did I spell it correctly?" (right)

Sand Boxes! 

I discovered weighted sand recently and it's even better than salt boxes! I like to put sand or salt in the 4x6" Iris photo boxes.

Gel Pens and Pads 

Gel pens (like these from Wilson Language) provide pressure when students write words and help students learn the spelling!

Digital Resources

And if you want a way that students can practice trick words with digital resources, check out the trick word resources from my store. The top two have audio clips and students spell the words based on memory (or using classroom resources like the trick word wall). For the other resources, students will look at the trick words and spell them for practice! Fun, engaging, paperless, and great for distance learning, homeschooling, remote learning, or in class reading centers.
Fun Ways to Practice Spelling Trick Words Fun Ways to Practice Spelling Trick Words

Fun Ways to Practice Spelling Trick Words Fun Ways to Practice Spelling Trick Words

Fun Ways to Practice Spelling Trick Words

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Fun Ways to Practice Spelling Trick Words

Class Rewards that Don't Involve Food

Class rewards that don't involve food

Class Rewards that Don't Involve Food

Positive reinforcement is always a great way to support your students so today I have suggestions for class rewards that don't involve food! My second graders would always want to have Pizza Day or candy but 1) I am not buying pizza for 22 people and 2) eventually teachers were not allowed to give out food because of food allergies.


  • Disco Party: wear your 70's duds and wigs, bring in or borrow a disco ball, and spend a little time playing fun disco songs!
  • Dance Party: just like the Disco Party but you can use current and recent songs! Check out my blog post with suggestions here

Special Days

  • Stuffed Animal Day: This is always a hit with younger kids! My second graders loved to read to their stuffed animals and we also would incorporate them into math by measuring our stuffies in inches, centimeters, and more.
  • Pajama Day: simple and classic! Everyone wears pajamas. 
  • Game Day: This was also a big hit with my classes. Students bring in all kinds of board games from home. Sorry, Battleship, Headbanz and more were popular.
  • 70's Day: See the disco party but take out the dancing! Wear the bell bottoms and fringed jackets.
  • 80's Day: My friend has done this with her class. There is a lot of neon on those days. 

Recess and Lunch

  • Extra Outdoor Recess: self-explanatory, right?
  • Extra Indoor Recess: same but great for frigid winter days
  • Picnic Lunch: Another friend loves to do this one with her class. They bring towels and blankets and the picnic always turns into a fun playtime.


  • No Homework: Make sure this is okay with your principal though, but I approve of it!
  • Watch a Fun Video: I like Magic School Bus videos (about 20 minutes)  and Geraldine the Giraffe phonics videos (2-5 minutes each). Short is good because we really can't afford these days to watch a 90 minute movie like Air Bud (as I did do once about 20 years ago). 

So, do you have your own ideas for class rewards that don't involve food? Be sure to comment so we know what we missed!

Class rewards that don't involve food

Getting Organized for Remote Learning

   Getting Organized for Remote Teaching

Organizing Your at Home Supplies for Remote Teaching (or your Teacher Table)

Teaching remotely is tough, whether you are doing it from your classroom or home, so this blog post has some advice for you when you're getting organized for remote teaching! 

Keeping Papers and Supplies Under Control

Bins, Bins, and More Bins

Plastic or other bins are super handy for holding anything and everything you need - base ten blocks, Fundations cards, or handy Bitmoji signs like these:

holding Bitmoji signs

These bins on Amazon are affordable and sturdy (clicking on any image will take you to Amazon to learn more)!

Stacking trays are not just for student work - they can also hold supplies for different subjects if you teach elementary or sorting supplies but keeping them handy for "today" and "tomorrow".

Wheeled Cart - I have one of these but from Office Depot. It has been invaluable for taking things to and from school. Also 2 days a week at school I work out of a room upstairs so I bring all my supplies and reading group bins up and down with it. Well worth the investment!

3 tier cart on wheels - I have one at home and at school. This is so useful! At school, the bottom shelf hold individual student folders, the top shelf holds manipulatives and the middle shelf is for whatever I need!

Tech Organization

Monitor Riser/Laptop Stand - I am not going to lie but I use cardboard box! haha! Many of my fellow teachers though ordered risers like this affordable one.

Cord minder -Tangled cords and cords everywhere is a pet peeve of mine so I bought something similar to corral mine!


Keep Practical Supplies Handy

White boards: I always keep a white board right next to my laptop and chrome book. I use it to write vocabulary or quickly address an error or question without having to use technology.


Markers: Expo markers are a teacher favorite and I always keep one or more right by me, too! I prefer the fine tip or ultra fine print.
Pencils cups and small supply containers - also, it's annoying when a pen or pencil I need rolls off the table or I can't find it when I need. I love traditional pencil cases, plus check out this cute expandable, zip up pencil cup! How cute!       

So do you have any additional advice for getting organized for remote teaching from school or home? Let us know and I may add it!

Getting Organized for Remote Teaching

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