Books to Use When Teaching Parts of Speech

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Books to Teach Parts of Speech

I like to find as many ways as possible to make things fun in school. Teaching some topics can be a little blah, so I love using books to teach parts of speech! The following images can all be clicked on and you can get more info at Amazon, but these are some of my favorites! 


Julia Cook is known for her books that present SEL topics in a way that students can connect with. This one, It's Hard to be a Verb, where a child has trouble controlling his body and calming it down. Definitely worth a look!
cover of It's Hard to be a Verb books


Brian Cleary has been one of my favorite authors of kids' non-fiction texts! These books have cute, fun pictures, and are engaging due to their fun rhyming sentences. They are great read alouds and easy to incorporate into reading workshop lessons too.

A Mink, a Fink, A skating rink book         


Michael Dahl is new to me, but I found his cute and fun books about parts of speech that all are titled: "If you were a ". Check out the cute covers below.


Ruth Heller is known for her gorgeous illustrations. Did you know she also has written several books focused on parts of speech? Below are just three books that use beautiful language to share and teach students.
Up, up and away cover
Many Luscious Lollipops cover               Merry go Round book  


These books are a neat way to discuss and read about nouns, verbs and collective nouns with students!

  ..         Collective Nouns


My second graders LOVED doing MadLibs! They really cemented their understanding of parts of speech after a few months work on MadLibs as a class. Also there was at some point (hopefully still is ) a free Mad Libs app! Give it a try.
                                 Mad Libs Junior cover      Mad Libs cover 2 

So these are some my top picks for books to teach parts of speech. What is your favorite?
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