Games for Virtual Meetings

Let's talk about fun games for virtual meetings, especially since many teachers and students are going to using remote learning this fall instead of going back to school in person!

There are so many fun games and activities, and they are great for keeping kids engaged and building classroom community!


That's Me!

That's Me is simple and will help students make connections and get to know their new peers. One student says a fact about themselves like "I have two sisters" and everyone who also does can shout out "That's me".

20 Questions

Easy! Just like in person! You can use a white board or virtual white board to keep track of the number of questions too.

Mystery Bag

Also simple and fun - bring a bag to the meeting with items and give your students clues or have them ask questions to guess what's in the bag!

Scavenger Hunts

These are fun and will keep kids very engaged and you'll have lots of laughter! Choose random items and give kids a time limit (30-60 seconds for ex.) to run off screen and find the items. Here are a few ideas:
  • Remote control
  • piece of fruit
  • pillow
  • blanket
  • something blue
  • spoon
  • a sock
  • hand sanitizer


I have mentioned before but Kahoot is fun online! You will need to have an account and find iyour Kahoot to host it.  Here is a post with more details on how to do it!

4 Corners 

Have kids get out their dry erase board or paper and marker. Students choose a number (you decide the range but for littles 1-6 or 1-4 is good) , write it on the board , hold it up for people to see,  and then the teacher rolls a real or virtual die (this online die is fun!) . The number you roll is out so if you roll a 3, everyone who is holding up a 3 is out. Continue until you only have one player left!

Simon Says 

Just play like you would in real life! You know how to do it! Great for a brain break or to get wiggles out!

Other fun Activities

Sing Alongs 

Not really a game but still fun! Sing alongs with famous songs (This post has 25 song ideas) ! Post the lyrics - you can search youtube for karaoke versions and let the fun start ( also you can use  Kidz bop or Disney songs too so you can be sure it's kid friendly)!

What are your favorite  games for virtual meetings? Comment and let us know!

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