Teacher Humor Round Up - We Need to Laugh!

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Hey teachers! I am bringing a teacher humor round up to you today because I know we need some smiles or laughs!  Teaching can be so tough - I find I actively seek out funny TV shows, movies, and Instagram posts in order to make myself smile at the end of a tough day of teaching. I also create my own teacher memes for my IG  account, Reading and Writing Redhead, so many of these are from that account! 

Teacher Tired

Teacher fatigue and exhaustion is no joke! Here are some memes and images that drive the point home!
Tired teacher taking a nap after a field trip

Teacher on stretcher to go to ambulance after a tough day of teaching

Daily Teacher Problems

Printers that don't work, students that are not focused on the instruction... these can send us over the edge, and lead us into unhealthy habits.

Mad lady with paper because printer is not working

Adult with wide eyes and open mouth looking at a giant toblerone bar 

Shaggy singing "It wasn't me"

Adult man staring into distance with other man looking at him, confused
Many lovely sharp pencils with one very short pencil underneath
Image from KTeacherTiff
IAdult looking into a doorway

Women on phone with coffee saying "everything you are saying is stupid"

Annoyed adult throwing up hands

Weather and Seasonal Problems for Teachers (and anyone)

Jon Snow in winter storm looking upset

Adult with crazy high, frizzy hair

person trapped in their sweater saying "I'm scared"
Adult image with comments about "scrape children off ceiling " (in December) "repeat as necessary"

Mad woman holding needle to neck

baby making upset face about snowstorm

Other Humor for Teachers

Confused  person writing down that someone's job is "dinosaurs"

Adult doing difficult math to trying and determine student rubrics and grades

Snow day ideas vs snow day reality
Image from TeacherTroubles 

Young teacher asking where to find the PD to get kids to stop licking their desks
Image from TeacherConfession

Adult trying math formulas to find a seating arrangement that works for her class

With that Being Said...

Don't forget this...
Image stating Monday is the best day of the week for many students
If you want even more teacher humor, check out my post called Video Meme Extravaganza!  It might give you even more chuckles! Feel free to share a link to your favorite teacher meme or funny post!

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