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Girl Holding Books and smiling with title
I'm here today with some recommendations for the 10 best boxed book sets! During this crazy times, kids and parents alike are at home, trying to keep busy (not get bored out of their minds) ! Of course, you know my favorite thing is reading. I figured now might be a great time to look into investing in a boxed set of your child's favorite books! I looked at Amazon and found some great options!  Clicking on any image will bring you to a description.

Longer Books for Older Readers

"New" Books

Dog Man, yes! He doesn't seem to be going anywhere so might as well dig in with the "epic collection"!

Ivy and Bean seem to have been slowly gaining fans over the past few years and kids were always looking to borrow them from my classroom library.
Everyone seems to be into these books! Even my little first graders want to know if I have any Diary of a Wimpy Kid books in my room!

I know, I know, Magic Treehouse has been around for a couple decades, but it is still new compared to some books below. So if you haven't tried this series with your children, now might be the perfect time!

"Classic" Books

Harry Potter probably is borderline "classic" at this point, right? Maybe a great family read aloud or for your more advanced readers.

I know, it's crazy I put the Choose Your Own Adventure books in the "Classic" section, but they were such a fun part of my childhood that when I saw them, I almost squealed with excitement! Get your child building their own story with the starter box set!

Which Roald Dahl is your favorite? I was always particular to Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator (yes, an unusual pick) as a kid, but as a teacher I love reading aloud James and the Giant Peach!

I also have an E.B. White favorite - Trumpet of the Swan! I never read Stuart Little as a kid - major oversight... but now I love all 3!

Books for Younger Readers

Mo Williams has become one of my personal heroes lately, leading the daily doodle with Mo sessions on Youtube since folks in Massachusetts (and much of the country) went into self isolation! This set is chock full of 25 Elephant and Piggie books and includes bookends! How cute!
Yes, you can't go wrong without a few books from this Dr. Seuss collection! If you don't have them at your at home or classroom library, this is a good deal!
So what is something I missed? What is your recommendation for the best boxed book sets? Be sure to comment and let us know!
girl holding books and smiling with title

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