Poetry Resources so You Can Share Poetry All Year Round

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Are you looking for some poetry resources to share in April, which is National Poetry Month? Well, I have some ideas for you, but you do not need to save poetry for just April! Use these ideas all year round!

Poetry Books for the Classroom

I love reading poetry aloud and having poetry books available for children to use during free reading time! I have shared poems from all of these books (pictured below) with second graders. I also found out earlier in my teaching career that a lot of students are not familiar with nursery rhymes/Mother Goose rhymes, so I always carefully choose some to share with students. As an adult in 2020, you might notice some nursery rhymes are a little creepy and problematic, so be sure to read in advance before you choose some to share!

Poetry Writing and Publishing

Poetry Writing Freebie

I have a poetry freebie for you at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. You can grab it here, and it will help you teach pyramid poems to 2nd-5th graders. For this type of poem, students need a good grasp of parts of speech. I always brainstormed and displayed an A-Z list of adverbs for my second graders, but with older students, you may not need to. Enjoy, and if you have a few moments, please leave some feedback! 
Image of pages from Pyramid Poetry freebie

Poetry Books

Have your students put the poems they wrote into a notebook. I would buy the blank student books from the Target Dollar Stores. My students would type their poems into Google Drive, I would help edit them, we'd print them out and glue them in. Students would also illustrate the poems and then we'd invite their parents in for a special poetry sharing event! It was a blast and they had a keepsake to take home. A colleague did something similar but students put their books together using Book Creator!
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Online Resources for More Poems

Teachers Pay Teachers goodies;
Poem of the week from Create Dream Explore
Poetry Freebie from Mary Lirette

What is your favorite way of incorporating poetry resources into your classroom? Comment and let me know!

Poetry resources on white wood background

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