Holiday Themed Math and Literacy Freebies

This year is going by SO quickly. I cannot believe 2020 is a month away. When I was a kid 2020 sounded like it was SO far in the future. Like we're talking flying cars and robot maids (can you tell I watched a lot of The Jetsons)? Haha! Well, it's basically here, but before we get there, I have two fun freebies for December for you! Both are holiday/Christmas themed. Take a look and if you download them and can take one minute and leave feedback that would be amazing!

First, check out the Holiday Math and Literacy morning work! It's a short sample of the larger math and literacy pack which includes all of the morning work and many other resources.  A happy teacher downloaded it and left this feedback: "This is awesome, thanks! My students always need something to help them 'settle in' and I don't like to use 'fluff'. I love that this hits a lot of our objectives and is a great way to check in on what they do or don't know...! Thanks a bunch!" 
If you're working on single and double digit word problems, try this Christmas Themed Word Problem Freebie!  It incorporates my favorite cut and glue techniques which sneaks in some fine motor practice for kids along with the addition and subtraction! Teacher Kathryn said about this freebie: "A great resource; thank you!"
Enjoy the freebies and happy end of 2019!

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