Fun Ways to Practice Phonics

Let's talk about some fun ways to get your students practicing phonics! When I was a student myself it was workbooks, workbooks, workbooks! Now there are so many fun options! I have found some engaging ideas that have worked well for my second graders and one of my own. If you have an additional idea, please comment and let me know!

Kaboom! Game 
The blog Fun Learning for Kids, has shared a great twist on Jillian Starr's Kaboom! game. She modified it for letters and sounds. You need craft sticks, markers, and a cup. Write a letter on the end of each stick. Take a few additional craft sticks and write "kaboom!" on them (4 is good). To play, students draw a stick and say the letter and sound it makes! They keep that stick, but when they draw a "Kaboom!' stick, they put them all back. It is fun!

Ball and Cap Game
The Ball and Cap Game is also fun for students and credit goes to Matthew Wilson, whose idea is at the Internet TESL Journal.  You need a hat and a ball, and fill the hat with papers with a letter or letters on it. Play music (I have a great blog post with ideas here), students pass the ball and hat separately,  and when the music stops, the student takes out a paper and reads the sound , not the letter names, The one with the ball guesses the letter!

Teaching OW
Teach-nology also has 4 fun activities suggested  for the sounds of ow, as in snow and wow. The games are bingo, baseball card browse, a scavenger hunt, and a concentration game. Check the ideas out here.

Mystery Words
From me, I have the Mystery Word card sets! There are more than a dozen and you can start with a freebie to try it out if you want. With Mystery Words, students take a card with a clue on it, and can refer to a resource list of possible word choices. They figure out the mystery word, and write it on their record sheet. They come with answer sheets so either you can check or students can self check. Keep reading to see some examples and links, and for the freebie sample.

Mystery Words Consonant le (the biggest seller from the series!



Mystery Word Y Endings
Mystery Words Consonant Blends

Mystery Words Suffixes
You can also save money and buy the BUNDLE here! Woohoo for economical choices!

Now here's your freebie if you want to try it out! The Double Consonants sneak peek! Click here or on the image below to grab it!

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