Fitting in Science

 Let's talk about how hard it is to squeeze in science! Poor science gets the short end of the stick doesn't it?

I do not have the solution for how to fit in 40-60 minute science blocks (yet) but I can tell you how I grabbed 2-5 minutes here and there during the day when I could review science information or pre-check for knowledge with my second grade class. Here is when I found those 2-5 minute blocks:

  • Morning meeting
  • Transition times
  • The end of the day
  • Snack Time
  • Fun homework - my students liked reviewing liquids and solids with an at home scavenger hunt I sent home last year
  • I use science related texts or reading prompts during language arts

Science Quick Questions might help! I have sets of 16 color and 16 black and white science "Quick Question" cards for the following topics (click on each to learn more) as well as in one bundle.
Plants and Animals
Solids and Liquids
Solar System
Light and Sound

Here's a tip - keep these or similar science cards handy - I used to keep mine in the bin under my easel and grab them when I was going to a special in case the previous class was running late and I'd have to wait in the hall with them.

Check out this freebie! It includes 6 quick questions on a major NGSS topic - Plants. I like to laminate the cards on bright paper, keep them on an O ring or in a plastic case (The Iris/Recollection ones from Michaels or Amazon are my #1 fave) and put them under the easel so I have them right at my fingertips.

Let me know if you have a suggestion for fitting in science in the busy school work!  How do you do it?

Finally, I know a lot of you have some flexible seating options! Would you like a free ebook about Flexible Seating too? Click here or on the image below to grab it!


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