Flexible Seating Q&A

So many students are struggling to pay attention and develop solid work habits in the traditional classroom. There must be a better way to help them! Do you want to try flexible seating to help your students focus and get more engaged but have questions? Or are you trying to  answer parent questions or questions from your colleagues? Hopefully this Q&A can help you! Also, if you want my free Flexible Seating Ebook, click here to grab it!

Q: Don't students just get sleepy and tired in the more comfortable seats?
A: Actually research has shown that students are focused, pay better attention and get more done with flexible seating options!

Q: Will it help all students?
A: Nothing is right for all students, so there are probably always going to be a few students who need a traditional chair and desk or table. I keep 3-4 in my classroom for this reason.

Q: What about standardized testing?
A: My principal was fine with students using flexible seating during standardized tests. They were very focused. However; if not, you could arrange for students to use the computer lab, another teacher's room, or have the custodian bring desks and chairs in for the test.

Q: If they don't have a desk, where do they keep their stuff?
A: Cubbies, bins, storage containers on bookshelves, chair pockets... there are many options!! My students keep quite a few things in a central location, like their large 300 page reading books.

Q: Will students compete to get the favorite spots?
A: There probably will be some popular spots. I'd recommend that you let students pick seats the day before. I use a lottery system and draw numbers randomly and they place their magnet on the seating chart before they go home the day before.

Q: Is it expensive?
A: Not necessarily. Some things can be procured for cheap, such as the stools I ordered from IKEA and the other stools I got with my Scholastic bonus points. Some items can be found for free or cheap, like at yard sales or Craig's List!

Q: Why not?
A: Remember, "We miss 100% of the shots you don't take" (Wayne Gretzsky), so why not?! Take a shot!

If you want more details, grab my free EBOOK on flexible seating! It goes into more specifics and will really help you get going!
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