12 New Flexible Seating Ideas

Ready to revamp your flexible seating for this school year? I have looked back at what I have shared with you in the past, my classroom experience with flexible seating for my second graders, and done some research on some new flexible seating options that you may not have considered! Here are twelve new ideas for you! Also, if you want my free Flexible Seating Ebook, click here to grab it!

Tall tables have been super helpful for my class! They are great and a wide variety of students enjoy them. If you don't have one, you can elevate a regular table with bed risers. I bought some at Wal-Mart in case I needed them, but you can also grab some at Amazon for less than $15.

Several teachers at my school got desks like these for their students, including a rocker bar to keep those feet busy. I am a big fan of this model by Stand Up Dad. Click here or on the image to check out what he is doing! 

I have seen tire seats in a few places, but my favorite are those from Hanging with Mrs. Hulsey. She even has a great tutorial for you on her blog so you can DIY!  Get inspired!

Camp chairs are my favorite, personally. You can get them on discount at many places now so go for it. They also make a great conference seating area!

Lap Desks are an easy and inexpensive addition to any classroom. I have found them for less than $5 and you might even be able to get parents to donate some. They don't have a long shelf life though. I have seen them at toy stores, Hobby Lobby, Target, and craft stores like Michael's and AC Moore.
These are on my personal wish list! I already have scoop rockers but these seem like they would work for taller and older students, and even adults. These can be found at Lakeshore

Oh I am in love with the Nugget. It's not just a couch - it's totally flexible and you can arrange it in tons of ways! I would LOVE to add one to my classroom. Also could be great for a playroom!

Kick balance boards from Wittfitt would be a terrific addition if you have a tall table or stand up desk. They allow kids to work their core and get the wiggles out, while standing. Also, I reached out and they were kind enough to offer my blog readers free shipping until the end of September! Just mention this offer to Wittfitt!

I love stability balls, but I had to take mine away this year because my class didn't want to sit on their bottoms. Ball chairs with feet and wheels such as the example below might be the trick. This one is from Amazon but I'm  sure you could find it at online educational suppliers.


These Core ErgoErgo stools for active sitting look fascinating. They are a little pricey (check them out here at Amazon) but could be amazing!

Can do donut inflatable balls are at the top of my wish list and seem to be about $20 at Amazon right now, so they are doable. This model is 33" wide. I think this could provide the core resistance and wiggle "support" without kids rolling all over their place on the more tradition stability ball chairs.

Haven't tried these yet, but I know some teachers have! Have you? My only concern would  be scissors and pencils nearby! These are about $27 from Amazon.

These active seat cushions would provide support for both younger and older students. I haven't used them yet, but some colleagues have and been pleased. Have you tried them out? These are from Moving Minds and called Ever Ready Active Seat Cushions.

That's your update! What was new to you or what option did I miss that I should add for my next flexible seating options?? Be sure to comment and let me know!

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