10 Websites Teachers May Not Know About

New and useful free websites and apps pop up quicker than Jiffy Pop popcorn (if you're a child of the 70s or 80s then you get me)! It can be hard to keep up! A friend recently gave me a list of 100 websites for teachers and students and I decided to start looking at all of the websites listed. Many have associated apps for Apple devices and other tablets. Of course, it was when school was in session and I did not get through all the websites, but I did check out about 60-70 of them. Out of those, I chose what I thought the best options were for elementary school teachers and students, and here are the top ten!

Smarty Games has:

  • memory games
  • addition games
  • puzzles 
  • and more (like Math Ski Jumps). 
  • It's free, but there are ads on both sides (usually for specific sections of Smarty Games.
  •  Based on what I tried, it works best on an internet browser, not a smart  phone.  

 Here's a telling time game I found - not fancy graphics but fun and could be engaging for students.

Turtle Diary - there is an  app available; however,  I just looked at the free website. There are ads on both sides, which I didn't love.
What I did like:

  • games like racing and ninjas for quite a few subject areas.
  • Educational videos such as compound words, what is math?  and hammer subtraction
  • Number detective activity, shape riddles
  • There was a fun adjective activity where you practice adjectives in this  describe the picture game. With each correct answer, you get the mouse through the doors and higher up in the castle (pictured below)
Geometry Sorting Activity


Fun Fonix 

  • A big focus seems to be that it has LOTS of printables
  • To find online games, you have to scroll down to a link
  • I noticed in one video A sounded like K 
  • games included concentration, short vowels,  CVC words, beginning sounds
  • Kids can collect stars

CVC Game on FunFonix.com


Have you heard of Youtube teachers? If not, take a look. If your school has regular Youtube blocked, you might be able to get this one okayed

  • teachers: can also access your regular you tube information from Youtube teachers
  • Suggested to me were videos and playlists such as figurative language , similes, metaphors, and what is hyperbole? 
  • 500 K videos with channels such as Stanford, TED,  PBS, Steve Spangler Science


Manythings ESL is a very plain, not cute website but possibly useful, especial to English Language Learners or teachers looking for read alouds

  • website, no app
  • Not fancy at all or cute (I didn't even take a screenshot)
  • but useful
  • You can get bilingual sentence pairs and listen to both
  • Daily study options
  • Learn - listen and read, for example Langston Hughes, People in America

Aplus Math is now owned by Varsity Tutors LLC - you get redirected to them

  • Free online activities like flash cards. 
  • With them, students much press return to check their answers
  • Online math games like Matho - screen shot below. I had to shrink my screen to see all of the board though. 
  • Ever present phone number you can call for tutoring but clean screen and little ad clutter


Math Pickle is a unique and fun website with a lot of puzzles

  • Puzzles 
  • Games 
  • Mini competitions
  • Games like sheets and sidewalk prinatble game cards
  • An example of games included is Hex - made famous by John Nash ( but created by Piet Hein) with printable boards - some videos
  • Possibly good for math enrichment 
Puzzle at Math Pickle

Life of Birds exists thanks to PBS and Sir David Attenborough
Students can learn about:

  • Bird brains
  • evolution
  • champion birds
  • parents' songs

Have Fun with History 
  • Great for teaching history 
  • Educational videos like one of a Puritan family of early New England
  • People timeline videos such as  Presidents, Frederick Douglass,  and Susan B. Anthony
  • events timelines
  • videos on historical events  such as the  Gold Rush, Civil War
  • History in a minute such the Mayflower, Minutemen, and the Cotton Gin
  • Jamestown online adventure game where you are the captain

  • Award winning activity
  • Students act as history detectives and investigate what really happened at the first Thanksgiving (screenshots below) 
  • Also there is an online virtual field trip hosted by Scholastic 


Now I will be totally honest and tell you some of these are much better quality then others, and all could be useful, but because they are free, their usefulness and quality is limited. Some of the websites I use every day like Spelling City and Dreambox require a paid subscription. However, if you are like most teachers, we don't always get what we request for our students, so free websites and apps are a great option. Which one here is your favorite? Or did I miss one you use? Comment and let me know!

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