5 FAQs about Assessments with Google Classroom

YES! They sure are! If you are making your own quiz, or if you bought a self-grading quiz from somewhere like Teachers Pay Teachers, as long as the "quiz" option was selected, and correct answers were assigned when the quiz was created, then at the end, the student can choose to see how they did. If you're more of a visual learner, here are some images to explain...

In order to make it a quiz, for the questions to have point values, and for the quiz to be self-grading, the creator needed to have gone into settings and chosen "Make this a quiz".

Then,  the quiz creator enters a question and selects "answer key" to assign points and choose a correct answer. As long as they have done this, yes, the quiz can be self-grading.

When done, students can click on "VIEW SCORE" to see how they did!

 They can see if they got answers correct (show in green)  or incorrect (shown in red). If the answer was wrong, they are shown the correct answer.

Yes! With Google Forms' Self-Grading Quizzes, you have access to a live view of your students' score results. You would click on "responses", then  sort by "Summary", "Question", or  "Individual".  Here's an example. If you click on the green spreadsheet icon, you can create a google spreadsheet, which I prefer to easily look at data for all of my students.

Yes! I am repeating myself (see #1), but they sure can!

When they finish the quiz, students can click on "VIEW SCORE" to see their results.
Again, here is what it looks like when a student got an answer correct and then what it looks like when they made an error.

If you created it yourself, you certainly can if you are in the original form.If you purchased the assessment from Teachers Pay Teachers, reread the information you got when you downloaded the product, or the description on TPT. Sometimes they will be editable, and sometimes they won't be. For example, any assessments I create and post on my TPT store are editable. You would make your own copy of my original anyway, so you can edit that copy any way you please.  You can reorder questions, change the problems themselves, add or delete problems, or modify the settings (for example you could allow students to take the quiz more than once). That way you can meet the needs of your students!

The easiest way to do this is to use Google Classroom! If you are a Google Classroom newbie, watch the helpful video below from Dan of Mr. Mault's Marketplace/Ed Tech 101,  which explains how to get going with it (I use Classroom with my 2nd graders so it is very doable).

You just use Google Classroom to "Create assignment" and then share the assessment file from Google Classroom. My advice when you do so is to choose "Make a copy for each student" (you don't want kids fiddling with your original assessment. If you're still unsure, take a loook at the helpful videos below!

Do you want to make your own assessments?

Check out this helpful video, again from Dan of Mr. Mault's Marketplace.

If you're really new to Classroom, watch this: Google Classroom Basics . Mr. Mault's Marketplace

If Self-Grading Assessments sound great but you don't have time or the interest to make your own, I have quite a few in my Teachers Pay Teachers store that you could try! I  have mostly math products right now that meet the second grade CCSS standards but will be adding LA assessments this summer. Stay tuned! Also if you want to see what they are like, watch the walkthrough video below! 
Click on any cover to take a look at it on TPT.

Walkthrough of self grading assessment (Single Digit Addition)

So have you tried any of these? Made your own? How did it go? Let us know!

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