10 Stores that Teachers Love

We also know that teachers love certain stores and certain stores are really invaluable to teachers. I mean look at how a whole Instagram phenomenon sprung up recently with the hashtag and account TeachersLoveTarget, with quite a few other stores following! I swear teachers made the Target dollar spot so successful! So I got to thinking about what stores we love, rely on, and make our classrooms and our students' experiences just terrific!

1. Target
Well, obviously! There isn't much new I can say about Target, but it has terrific items for teachers, especially in that Dollar Spot!

2. Walmart
Walmart is where I go first to buy classroom supplies. This summer I picked up plastic cups for my supply bins, the supply bins themselves (99 cents each!), crayons, markers, glue, composition books and more! I have also bought stools for the classroom there and I know a lot of teachers have picked up items that will work for flexible seating as well as classroom storage items at Walmart. It also is where I get a lot of my tablecloths that cover up our old tables.

3. Dollar Tree and other dollar stores
Definitely this is the best place for bargain basement prices on classroom supplies. Great for when you need a whole class set of something but don't have $50 or $100 to shell out to get one for everyone.

4. Amazon
I mean Amazon, has everything! Anything you can't get somewhere else, or need fast and can take advantage of their quick shipping, you can get here. My big Amazon purchases include ink for my printer, toner for my at-home copy machine, and laminating sheets for my laminator. It's reliable to shop with them! Plus it's an awesome place to shop for deals on my favorite Flair pens! (clicking on the image will take you to Amazon)


5. Michaels/AC Moore                             Michaels is my go to place for things like felt, oak tag/colored paper, paint, wood crafts that can be used as projects for my class or gifts to give to their families, and they often have fun items for my prize box. Of course there is a lot of jewelry and jewelry making crafts that I can wear to school, artificial flowers for the classroom,  and even though I don't buy them often there, they have a lot of baskets. Finally I have also seen some items specifically  tailored for outdoor recess such as jump ropes and those balls on the loop that you swing on your ankle and jump over with your other foot. They weren't too expensive either!

6. JoAnn Fabrics
I remember way back in 2000 going to a JoAnn Fabrics in Florida with a girl who had been teaching for a few more years than I had and she was buying fabric for her bulletin boards. It was the first I had heard of this and definitely not the last! So many teachers buy fabric whether for bulletin boards, covers for crate seats, and pillows! Also a good place for fabric for curtains as well as velcro and other tools to attach things to tricky walls in classrooms.

7. Home Depot
Home Depot, Lowes and Hardware Store are great for tons of supplies. For example, it's where you go when you need to get some wood to make those handy crate seats, or any of these items I have personally picked up there: contact paper (awesome for covering old tabletops and rusty file cabinets), milk crates, light bulbs, and toolboxes (empty, for the desktop teacher tool kits) as well as actual tools to have on hand in the classroom for emergencies.

8. IKEA 
I was able to get a bunch of things at an affordable price for my flexible seating classroom, including 6 of  their $5 stools. What a bargain. Many teachers buy bookshelves, organizing furniture, etc . from IKEA but I haven't done that yet. The thing is, I can always find something for my home too while I am on the hunt for classroom items at IKEA.

9. Big Lots
Big Lots seems big (no pun intended) for storage containers for classrooms. A lot of teachers seem to get their classroom book bins from Big Lots and I notice teachers even wait each July for the new products to come out and share their thoughts on the color themes. I remember last year some folks did not like the 2015 colors but some folks seemed to like the blue and the neutral blacks and grays from the 2016 collection.

10. Party City and other Party Stores
Need plastic tablecloths for class parties (or to cover bulletin boards and covers for old, gross classroom tables)? Party City has tons of colors to meet your needs. Of course when you are having a party, if you want to get fun cups and plates, they can be a go to, as well as for the Halloween costume you need for the school parade and party!

Bonus store:
 Hobby Lobby
I have only been in Hobby Lobby once, in another state, since I don't have one near me, but I noticed it was filled with tons of things teachers could use. Lots of things like Michaels and AC Moore but also has decorations you could use for your home and your classroom. I picked up ribbon there and I always keep ribbon and string in my teacher desk. I noticed you can also get teacher supplies like bulletin board letters and stickers as well as really fun things like class packs (12) of a model rocket which you could use in science class. Interesting!

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