Teacher Meme Extravaganza

Teacher Video Meme Extravaganza:  check out all kinds of video memes for teachers that you will totally be able to identify with!
I have been busy making teacher-themed video memes this summer. I first got inspired to try themed when I learned you could a) put text on top of videos in iMovie and b) link together gifs in video form. I usually post them on my Instagram account and Facebook but thought I would share a few with you here!

Here's my recent one I made and posted since I notice a lot of folks have actually started school this week or are about to start (yikes!)!

I also made some shorter ones - check these out!

Here's one for that moment when another teacher does something small but great for you!
This one got  a lot of positive reactions. It was about the emotional ups and downs of the last day of school.
This bugged me! I mean it's the beginning of summer. I don't even have kids in the school district.
Most e-mail seems so blah these days. I get pretty jazzed when there is a genuinely great e-mail I come across. Plus Fuller House is cute!
Does this happen you at school? You blink and bam! You are on another committee! 
I love Parks and Recreation and there are some great memes out there with the actors! Ben feels my pain about summer being too short.
The Hills made for some great meme moments. Whitney Port knows you can easily get TMI about a                                             parent (or a former student ) on social media.

Lauen Conrad memes are epic. This is good one for when we feel a bit annoyed that it is the very end of the year and someone still doesn't know the classroom routines.
This is several video gifs linked together to show what I hoped to accomplish the first day of summer!
And here is the first ever video I made with a bunch of gifs linked together. I was inspired to make it when I found out, with 5 days of school remaining, that 3 of the days would be lunch in the classroom. Lunch in the classroom is no good!
This was an early one before I figured out a text @ReadingandWritingRedhead might be better than a dissolved blog button. 
Here is another one I tried, made with  a bunch of short video clips put together with reactions to a cancelled staff meeting!

Which video meme is your favorite? Do you have one you saw somewhere else you love? Let me know in the comment section! I have more so I will share them soon and be sure to watch my social media to catch them right away!

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