My First Scope - Organizing in the Classroom!

Hey all! I have been lurking on Periscope for awhile now, watching great scopers like Jen Jones, and the fun Ashley Schroeder of Schroeder's Shenanigans and of course Greg from Kindergarten Smorgasboard. Finally thanks to a converaation some of us were having on Facebook, I was inspired to finally turn the camera on myself!
My First Scope - My #1 Tip for Organizing all that Incomplete Student Work!
Here is my little image I was using on IG, Facebook and  Pinterest to promote it!
Now, those smart teacher bloggers told me about Katch and I set up my catch account BUT didn't realize I needed to tweet it out! Boohoo. So Katch didn't find and save it (but know I know how). However, I was at least savvy enough to save it to my camera roll so now I can share it here! Yay! You can also follow me on Periscope at @rwredhead and get the alerts because even though I feel like a spaz and a dork on the video, I will do more! I already have an idea list on my phone! So you can watch below, or head over to Periscope and watch the replay but be quick because it's only up there for a short time, right? I am still so new I don't even know how long!

 So what is my classroom organizational tip? Well, it is my #1 tip on how to organize all that incomplete student work! Watch the scope (it's pretty short) to find out! Enjoy!

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