Unique Toys and Games from Uncommon Goods

Do you get the Uncommon Goods catalog like I do? I have gotten it in the mail for a few years now and I always pore over it, making a mental wishlist for myself but also picking out Christmas gifts for friends and family.

Uncommon Goods is pretty cool. Check out their mission here.  They believe in sustainability not just as being green, but also being respectful to all employees, offering health care and a living wage. None of their products harms humans or animals and they are committed to handmade, recycled, and  organic products. And one more neat thing: they believe strongly in charity and at checkout allow you to choose a charity and they will donate $1 each time you buy from them.

I don't know why but I had not been on their website since last year and went to have a look last week and found all kinds of unique gifts for children and teachers! Their children's products could have a home in any school, homeschooling environment or home. They also might be great to have at Grandma's house for when the grandkids come to visit. They also have a lot of personalized gifts too which would be great for just about anyone.

Check out the ideas below which I thought really stood out as the most educational, fun, and delightful ideas!

Of course, being a teacher, this jumped right out at me. With This Storymatic Kids! game, for children ages 5 and up,  children draw one yellow and one blue card and create a story based on what they say. The Storymatic Kids! game would be great for the classroom but also road trips and a neat twist on game night!
 This isn't Whatchamacallit, It's WhatchamaDRAWit! It is fun and imaginative and will help children explore their creativity without a screen. 
 Check out this Edible Chemistry Set! In class, I usually have to go over with my students that they should not be putting any science materials in their mouth and definitely not eating anything, but that is not the case here. I might even want this for myself! The kit will help your kiddos learn the basics of chemistry.
I grew up playing the violin and saxophone so I am partial to music instruments. If you don't want a full on drum set in the family room, check these out! I think these Musical Pat Bells would be great in a classroom too. 
And how fun is this? Do you have a little scientist, doctor-in-the-making, or a kids who just loves to learn? Where else can you get Plush Organs? Your kiddo could fall asleep with his head on a gall bladder or snuggle up with a brain!

Here are a few other things I noticed but could not find images for. 
Kids Responsibility Board:  Looks handy for managing chores and responsibility at home 
Super Nerdy ABC Blocks: Instead of a is for apple, how about G is for gravity and J is for Jurassic?
Construction Plate and Utensils: Have a child who loves construction, trucks, and equipment? They'd probably like this super fun plate and utensils!

Let me know if you've ever tried Uncommon Goods or have a favorite item on your wishlist!

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