Gone Viral?

Hey folks! I just wanted to share a post from my Facebook Reading and Writing Redhead page which seems to have gone viral! Usually most posts I do reach 100-500 people at the most. This one must have hit home because it has been shared by almost 300 people. And seen by tens of thousands of you at this point. So, thank you for commenting, sharing and liking.

I will say, despite all my stress, my students for the most part are having fun and enjoying all of the seasonal, fun activities we have been doing. I think I have enough to keep them occupied until 3:15pm on December 23rd!

Here's the image I shared. Click here or on the image to visit it and check out the rest of my Facebook page.

I feel a little badly, because I know these Someecards are everywhere, but I didn't make this one myself. I have had it on my computer for about two years now and remembered to post it last week. I wish I knew who created it initially so I could give them credit. Watermarks are important!

So most of you are already on vacation, right? I am glad you made it and enjoy! Send us Northeasterners good thoughts!

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