Elf Craftivity - it was free!

Hey everyone! I wanted to share a few pics from our Elf Craftivity. They came out great. We used Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten's free product here, then I created my own Elf Application to better suit my second graders.
Fun and Free Elf Craftivity
They look so cute hanging up!
Excuse the terrible purple wall that I have to hang them on. Oh well!
Fun and Free Elf Craftivity
I love some of  the reasons. This guy would make a good elf "because I can package stuff fast". That would be a plus!
Fun and Free Elf Craftivity
And she can make a toy that not even the Hulk can destroy and she would make candy canes in different flavors. How cute!

Thanks to Nicole Ricca for the fun and pretty easy activity for the last few days before Christmas!

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