Currently December 2015

Better late than never? This has been one heck of a month but here is my currently! 

Listening: I am behind in The Voice but really loving it! It is a positive thing to watch when life can be stressful!

Loving: I do love all the decorations at this time of year! Everything is so pretty, sparkly, and glowing.

Thinking: It has been in the 50s most of the month. It is SO weird here in New England to have Christmas lights and trees and carols, and sometimes not having to wear a coat!

Wanting: Just go away, headache!!!

Needing: People are so tense, stressed, and I guess its not just kids who are having trouble handling the build up to Christmas. It would be perfect if everyone had a little more patience and a bit more kindness. 

Real or Faux: I am technically allergic, but could handle a real tree, but I decided to go fake a few years ago because its economical. However, it's time for a new one since one of the legs broke and it's tilted now!

Happy holidays everyone!

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  1. I'm right there with you on this warm Christmas business. It's so strange! Not needing a coat and a few days in MD we were almost in shorts. Soooooo weird. Thankful for the lights and decorations and of course the Christmas movies. All the Christmas movies! :)