Social Media Top 3 Posts - Oct. 2

Its Tuesday so here are my top 3 Social Media Posts of the week! Click on any image to take a look at the original post!
This picture from the pumpkin patch was super popular! Folks love fun fall images!
It wasn't #1 in popularity but this memory and the one below tied for runner up this week with 12 likes each and some comments. Who can resist a sleeping St. Bernard or a puppy? I know some fellow dog owners liked it but some of you don't have dogs so I am extra appreciative that  you liked them!
This Halloween name post so far is getting the most views for the week! A lot of folks shared it on their own page. It is fun and was a hit on my personal page too!
(also I still have the same Pinterest account but I changed my account to readingandwritingredhead to match more of my other social media accounts)
This Pin, featuring whole brain based call and response attention getting signals was by far (more than twice) the most repinned of the week for me. Wow! Its actually afree TPT product from Ilba Isreal. Click here to grab it! 

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