Top 3 Social Media Posts for this Week!

So I am back with my top 3 Social Media Posts of the week! First:
Lots of people liked my picture of the quilt I had made from my precious tee shirts from Project Repat. They did a super job and were pretty affordable (half the cost of some of the places I checked out that would make them for me) and the guys who founded the company do a lot of charity work in Africa and donate some of their profits to charity so I was all for it.

This post, just added last night, was the most viewed post I had all week. I guess everyone can identify with being busy, overscheduled, and needing to help kids find balance in this busy world.

And in my blogger post as I type I can't see the pins, which is weird, but I know from preview mode they are left aligned but I can't figure out how to center them! Oh well. The most popular pin was this one to an article of awesome ways to use IKEA products to make your life easier as a teacher. I totally understand why that was a hit! I mean, next time I go down there I am totally getting the timers and a bunch of other stuff! The other pin, a close second was repinned only a few times less was this link to a post about helping your active students who are not paying attention. Apparently they have been in my classroom this fall ;)  ! 

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