Teacher Week-Sanity Savers

I am back to another teacher week post! I linked up with Blog hoppin' today for Thursday: Sanity Savers!
Here's my #1 tip and favorite! It's an old standby but I them so much and all the time! I LOVE post it notes! And there are so many fun bright colors and styles and now even shapes! My friend gave me mustache shaped ones too! 
My #2 tip! Just like Vera, I copy a lot in advance. I actually should do even more. I try and copy the things  that I use all the time like these end of the day summary forms {They are FREE at my TPT store}. We use them every day so I usually copy enough for half-the whole year at once!
#3 I always have a bunch of great read aloud books in the little bookshelf right next to my desk! I love to read to my class right before lunch and at the end of the day. Some days we read when we have 5 minutes to spare or the students just could use a few moments to relax. Here are some of my favorite books to have on hand!


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