September Currently

Hey everyone! I linked up with Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade for Currently! Took me a few days but I did it!
Listening to... yep I have been watching One Tree Hill starting at season 1 and I am now up to season 8. I love Brooke & Julian! 
Loving... I have really been enjoying the new show Fear the Walking Dead on AMC! Although I am going to admit I have now had two nights in a row of nightmares featuring me being in the start of the zombie invasion!
Thinking...this year may be a challenging one in school. But its my 18th year teaching - crazy-I know -so I can handle it. Ad when I was doing some cleaning I found these fun cards from June. 
I love this one - they also had some other teachers sign it! And they did learn! 4x3=12 and a 4 sided shape with right angles is a quadrilateral!
This one is super nice and I like that she enjoyed the raffle and homeworkopoly!
Needing.. help with my IKEA cabinets! I put the whole thing together but I cannot get the doors and drawers to line up! I think my stepdad is going to lend me a hand soon! He helped me with a couple other adjustments on the upper doors and then said "Just don't let any Swedish people come over". Guess that means my friend Ann is banned from the place!
And just as a bonus thank you to my sweetheart friend Laura B. who sent this nice gift to me! What a great gal!


  1. So glad to meet another one tree hill fan (and red head)! My boyfriend worked on the show for years and I still get giddy when I see our small town on tv! Follow me!

    1. wow! Are you from North Carolina then? I was just talking about wanting to go on vacation to the NC beaches now because of seasons 7-8!
      PS Redheads Rule!

    2. LOL never mind I see the NC blogger image on your sidebar!

  2. Love OTH! I may own the seasons. I had to have my papa help me with my first iKea purchase, classroom bookshelves! They can be tricky! Wishing you a great school year!

    1. Thank you Ashley! Its not just me with the IKEA stuff huh! LOL Happy school year to you too!

  3. Wow - congrats on your 18th year of teaching!! That is a great achievement - well done you! I'm sure you're more than ready to face whatever challenges come your way this year!

    Teaching Autism