Five for Fraturday! We have Giveaway Winners!

Hey everyone! I am here with a Five for Friday BUT it's Saturday so I am calling it Five for Fraturday! One of the BIG things I have going on is that I have winners to announce for my giveaways so be sure to scroll down to find out who won!
Working away in the classroom these days! I was in 6 days! And people say teachers have such a long summer break! I was back in after 6 weeks to set up (and that is after going in the day after school ended to clean and pack up!) 

The big thing I was doing was painting a really ugly cabinet. Here is an in process image on the left matched with a close up of the finished project. Yay! Much better!
Cabinet painting project

Also I really LOVE opening new crayons, colored pencils, pencils, etc. There is just something about new, sharpened school supplies!
Five for Fraturday! Getting the classroom ready
Five for Fraturday! Getting the classroom ready
I organize my crayons by color. It takes a bit to set up at first but then I never have to deal with: "I can't find a purple"- plus the kids just take the colors they need to their desk and not an entire container!
Five for Fraturday! getting the classroom ready
Also I set up my clock - remember Care Bears? LOL! This is for our bathroom sign out sheet. I really feel (with occasional help) kids at the beginning of second grade should be able to figure out the hour on the clock on the wall but at the beginning of the year I let them see the minutes. Later in the year I take away the first minutes digit (covered with a bunch of stickies taped down) and at the end of the year I unplug the clock!
Five for Fraturday! getting the classroom ready

I am LOVING this Blair Turner Paper notepad! Its been so helpful and its fun!
Five for Fraturday! Blair Turner Notepad

Wonder Woman MugMore fun stuff! I love this Wonder Woman cup I found at Barnes and Noble! Inspiring!
Its all fun and games until someone ends up in a cone!
Also this is just great! No cones! (unless its an ice cream cone!)
                                      Cotton Candy Grapes
And have you seen and tasted these grapes? They really do taste like cotton candy! It's nuts!!
And I saw this a few weeks ago and wanted to share it here - thanks so much to Mel from From the Pond - she is a talented, creative teacher blogger and I love how this celebrates teachers supporting each other!
Inspirational quote-From the Pond
Now here comes the winners!
Five for Fraturday! We have Giveaway Winners!Five for Fraturday! We have Giveaway Winners!
I had so much fun with the giveaways! So glad so many of you did, too! I already informed the winners but I also wanted to give a shout out here to them!

Kathy I. won Giveaway #1!
Michelle J. won Giveaway #2!
Christine S. won Giveaway #3!
Callie W. won Giveaway #4!
Deborah F. won Giveaway #5!
Amy M. won Giveaway #6
Congratulations to everyone and we hope you will enjoy your prizes!

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