Its Teacher Week! Join me for 5 Fun Facts

Welcome to Teacher Week! This is going to be fun! I joined Blog Hoppin' to  share 5 fun facts about me! Its late and my first day of school is tomorrow so this will be quick!
I have been teaching Second Grade for SIXTEEN years! WOW! Seriously, where does the time go?
I love dogs! And BIG dogs! I had a beautiful St Bernard named Bailey for nine years! I was so lucky to have him and I miss him! I would like to get another huge dog some day, but I have other priorities right now!

Little Bailey:

 Big Bailey
I also blog for two awesome fun other blogs - Adventures in Literacy Land and iTeach Second! They're a lot of fun and it is great to collaborate!
Adventures in Literacy Land             iTeach Second

I love Brigham's ice cream - not vanilla, but Chocolate is my all time favorite! I also love chocolate jimmies!

I L O V E The Walking Dead! I am now into Fear the Walking Dead too! I even found a Jamberry Walking Dead game and when I was in Vegas I tracked down a bunch of Walking Dead slot machines! This year I didn't win but last year I won about $80 on one!

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