Pictures of my Bailey - Just Because

Bailey as a  puppy

How cute was this guy? XO 
He turned into such a huge doggie but was always so loveable.

Bailey and "Uncle"
Puppy Bailey with his "Uncle"

I decided  to share some pics of him. I saw a really cute linky going on where teachers share about their pet. Bailey passed away in March so I currently don't have a pet, which made me feel a little sad, but then I thought about how amazing he was, and how adorable, and I thought - heck! Why can't I share that on my own blog! 

So if you can stand it, here is a picture explosion of my handsome boy! I got him as a puppy in 2006 and he was with me until late March. LOVE that face!

Bailey with e collar
               Me and the big guy about 6 years ago.  Also, Poor Bailey had to wear different e collars over the years!  Here's a camo version.

Bailey getting ear rubs
 He LOVED the ear rubs from my stepdad! 

Bailey with Oz the Great Dane
Bailey and his other big friend, Oz. 

Bailey with Kim's cat
Bailey's first close encounter with a cat at my friend Kim's house!

Bailey on red rug
How I remember the big guy.

Bailey in kiddie pool
Silly guy always just wanted to drink water from my friend's baby pool, not play in it.

Bailey's favorite hobby (besides snuggling)

Handsome Bailey
Also how I remember him - My Handsome Boy

So if you stuck with me this long I am impressed! Thank you and hugs to you!

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  1. He looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. He looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Big dogs are just the best! I am so sorry for your loss, but I am sure you made his time on this earth the best it could've been!

    Life As I Know It

    1. Thank you Jamie! I appreciate your kind words! :) Hugs!

  4. Big dogs have such gentle spirits. I can tell you still miss him tremendously - what a wonderful tribute.

    1. Aw thank you Susan! Your dog is adorable and I see she has her own blog! :) So cute! Thanks for your comments!