Get the Details on the Language Arts Interactive Notebook and a Freebie

Since I released it last year, the Language Arts Interactive Notebook has done well but as some of you are getting ready for another school year, I was wondering if I should give it a thorough explanation here for you. That way I can also link to this post in the product description so folks looking at it who aren't 100% sure they would use it can get the details and find out! So let's do this! While you're checking out the post you can click here or on any image to get more details and check it out at my store. Please read  through and scroll down to find out about a freebie you can grab!

I thought the easiest way to share details about the Language Arts INB was to do some collages with PicMonkey (I love you PicMonkey!). It is such a breeze to use!

First let's check out the basics - the cover is below on the left - that is how you will recognize it and spot it online! In each of my interactive notebooks, I include a few pages of background info for the teacher. There are some links if you are just getting started with them and want some detailed guidance. I also explain why I decided to make my own, and that it has a more simplified design and easier to read font then some others out there.  I wanted an interactive notebook for my second graders that covered all of the writing CCSS but also gave them support of what they need in order to write well - an understanding of the building blocks of writing: parts of speech, subjects and predicates and so on!

We also have a table of contents for the teacher. The complete  list of sections in the product are:
  • Table of Contents and Cover for Students
  • Nouns
  • Verbs
  • Adjectives
  • Adverbs
  • Sentences
  • Capitalization
  • Structure
  • Opinion Writing
  • Informational Writing
  • Narrative Writing
  • Writing Fiction 
  • Editing
As you can see it's pretty comprehensive! That's why I decided to title it LANGUAGE ARTS INB and not just Writing INB. You also get a sneak peek of the student table of contents. In the background info I give you some suggestions on how to manage it.

Get the Details on the Language Arts Interactive Notebook

Then in the beginning of the INB, there is a wide variety of work on parts of speech so the kiddos will understand and have it down pat. Then I find it much easier to coach them with their writing later and they understand when I say something like, "To strengthen your writing, this sentence could use a noun".

Get the Details on the Language Arts Interactive Notebook

Then we get into some  things like understanding subjects and predicates, using punctuation marks correctly, brainstorming topics for writing, learning how to write topic sentences, and how to use details in different types of writing (such as opinion writing show below). These are just a few examples of almost 100 pages I have for these in the INB to help your kiddos!

Get the Details on the Language Arts Interactive Notebook

Here's a few more examples of the tons of content included (sorry I spy a repeat in my collages - never fear I only have one of those pages in the product).

Get the Details on the Language Arts Interactive Notebook

As you can see, I also have the CCSS standard addressed by each activity, marked on the page right for you. This would come in handy if you need to post the standard you are working on in your classroom, have it in your lesson plan, or just have a reference to ensure you are covering what you need to cover!

If you're still with me, let me know if you have any questions! Remember, you can click on any image or here to check out the product at my store! Thanks for stopping by!

Now, those of you waiting for a freebie? Check this out? If you want to try one of the activities from this INB you can get this free sample of one of  the writing activities. Just click here or on the image below! Thanks!

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