Makeover Madness Week 2 - Dare to Dream!

So again, I am a little behind but I am going to continue on with the TPT Seller challenge and do the week  2 challenge by  posting about my dreams! Its kind of scary. I am usually a pretty private person but here I am putting it out there for all you to see! I think this will do a couple things though - first, hopefully I will get support from some of my amazing fellow teachers and teacher bloggers! Secondly, it will maybe make those dreams a little more real! And lastly, maybe it will give me a little accountability - like if I know they are posted I will work harder and be more passionate about getting there!

So here is what I dream...

Pay Off Debt:
Yep! I have been working on this, but it is almost 20 years since I graduated and I still have over $25,000 in college loans. I am not going to lie! Its rough. I wouldn't trade anything about my amazing College (and post-grad at Lesley College and UMass) experience at Colby College in Maine (Go White Mules! -lamest mascot ever lol) but it has been tough getting this debt down. I also added a bunch more debt fixing up my place when I thought I was moving and going to have to rent it out. I was anticipating splitting rent with a then boyfriend and using the $ I saved to pay off the renovation. Didn't happen. In any case I have made a bit of debt in that but I have a ways to go and would love to see both my teacher seller business and Jamberry businesses grow and help me with this goal.

2. Travel:
 If I can pay off debt I could get some travel planned! I do travel  a little for conferences and such, but I would LOVE to get back to Ireland (studied there junior year) and to Hawaii, my dream trip!

3. Be a mom:
A lifelong dream which now may require some out of the box thinking and some $ too. Not going to go too much into it here but adoption and similar options are costly. Wouldn't it be amazing though?

Thanks for supporting me on this journey and I am excited to get going to Makeover Madness Week 3! Let's do this!

And I will see some of you in Vegas for the TPT Seller Conference!

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  1. Such fabulous dreams! Being a mom is one of the greatest things ever... you'll love it! I hope all your dreams come true... and sooner rather than later! :-)

    Beckie Black -->