Makeover Madness - Week 1

Hi everyone! I decided to join up in the TPT Seller Makeover Madness Challenge! Now, week 1 started about 2 weeks before school is scheduled to end so it has been INSANE. It has taken me almost 2 weeks to finish it because I am in the midst of all of the crazy end of the year tasks.  I think the end of the year is designed to send teachers into a sleepless vortex of insanity!

Week one's challenge is to makeover one item in your store. I chose the  very old but fun game called Valentine Homophone Fun. It is a neat matching homophone game with (obviously) a Valentine's Day them. It can be played Go Fish or concentration style. It was cute but the free graphics were not very colorful a little outdated, but pretty. Plus I had no idea where they came from so I wasn't giving credit, so that is not really fair. The cover was busy - too much going on!

I redid the cover so it was red and white, bold and clear. I changed up the clip art to brighter and more modern hearts and I also added a black and white version of the game for those who can't print in color or need to save ink. I also changed the fonts too.

Check it out in this image:


Want to get more details? Click on the cover image below or the collage to get more details and maybe grab it to put aside for next Valentine's Day! Or click here.

Thanks to Amber, Emily, Ashley and Jen for coming up with the Makeover idea and organizing it all - so far almost 1,000 bloggers have joined up and TPT even gave us a shout out!

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