Makeover Madness Week 2 - Dare to Dream!

So again, I am a little behind but I am going to continue on with the TPT Seller challenge and do the week  2 challenge by  posting about my dreams! Its kind of scary. I am usually a pretty private person but here I am putting it out there for all you to see! I think this will do a couple things though - first, hopefully I will get support from some of my amazing fellow teachers and teacher bloggers! Secondly, it will maybe make those dreams a little more real! And lastly, maybe it will give me a little accountability - like if I know they are posted I will work harder and be more passionate about getting there!

So here is what I dream...

Pay Off Debt:
Yep! I have been working on this, but it is almost 20 years since I graduated and I still have over $25,000 in college loans. I am not going to lie! Its rough. I wouldn't trade anything about my amazing College (and post-grad at Lesley College and UMass) experience at Colby College in Maine (Go White Mules! -lamest mascot ever lol) but it has been tough getting this debt down. I also added a bunch more debt fixing up my place when I thought I was moving and going to have to rent it out. I was anticipating splitting rent with a then boyfriend and using the $ I saved to pay off the renovation. Didn't happen. In any case I have made a bit of debt in that but I have a ways to go and would love to see both my teacher seller business and Jamberry businesses grow and help me with this goal.

2. Travel:
 If I can pay off debt I could get some travel planned! I do travel  a little for conferences and such, but I would LOVE to get back to Ireland (studied there junior year) and to Hawaii, my dream trip!

3. Be a mom:
A lifelong dream which now may require some out of the box thinking and some $ too. Not going to go too much into it here but adoption and similar options are costly. Wouldn't it be amazing though?

Thanks for supporting me on this journey and I am excited to get going to Makeover Madness Week 3! Let's do this!

And I will see some of you in Vegas for the TPT Seller Conference!

Makeover Madness - Week 1

Hi everyone! I decided to join up in the TPT Seller Makeover Madness Challenge! Now, week 1 started about 2 weeks before school is scheduled to end so it has been INSANE. It has taken me almost 2 weeks to finish it because I am in the midst of all of the crazy end of the year tasks.  I think the end of the year is designed to send teachers into a sleepless vortex of insanity!

Week one's challenge is to makeover one item in your store. I chose the  very old but fun game called Valentine Homophone Fun. It is a neat matching homophone game with (obviously) a Valentine's Day them. It can be played Go Fish or concentration style. It was cute but the free graphics were not very colorful a little outdated, but pretty. Plus I had no idea where they came from so I wasn't giving credit, so that is not really fair. The cover was busy - too much going on!

I redid the cover so it was red and white, bold and clear. I changed up the clip art to brighter and more modern hearts and I also added a black and white version of the game for those who can't print in color or need to save ink. I also changed the fonts too.

Check it out in this image:


Want to get more details? Click on the cover image below or the collage to get more details and maybe grab it to put aside for next Valentine's Day! Or click here.

Thanks to Amber, Emily, Ashley and Jen for coming up with the Makeover idea and organizing it all - so far almost 1,000 bloggers have joined up and TPT even gave us a shout out!

Birthday Party Blog Hop for the Education Highway!

I am so thrilled to join the Birthday Party Blog Hop for the Education Highway!

Celeste is celebrating her birthday with a fun blog hop! All those involved have a freebie for you, a summertime recipe and a fun summer activity to do with your kids! We also have an amazing giveaway (well 3 of them) so be sure to scroll down. Celeste also made an awesome ebook that contains all the info on all of the bloggers. So if you want to find our instagram, website etc, just take a look at that!

To get to the next blog, just use the linky posted below! Enjoy and happy summer!

Grab a free math practice page for your kiddos. This one is great for kids going into third grade, or students entering second grade who like to be challenged. Click here or on the image to get it from my TPT shop!

How about a sweet, frozen treat for summer? Check out these Raspberry Yogurt Vanilla Ice Pops!

I got this recipe from the wonderful Butterfly Foodie website and she got it from Martha Stewart Living. There are a bunch of steps but the end result looks amazing. Nom nom!

Click here for the recipe!

How about a fun idea! Make "snow" in the summertime! 

Here's an easy recipe:
2 16 oz boxes of cornstarch
1 can of shaving cream
peppermint extract (optional)

Now time for some great giveaways! Enter to win and good luck!



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