3 for $3 for 3 days Sale!

Its officially spring but STILL SNOWING! I need something to cheer me up! How about a spring sale? I love the number 3 so I thought I would do a 3 for $3 for 3 sale. That means 3 items will be on sale for $3 for 3 days, starting today!

This girl could be you - with the extra cash you have after snagging my 3 bargain priced  products!

Here's what is on sale ( 2 of them are more than half off by the way!)

My very popular Geometry Pack is on sale! Its usually $7 but save over 50% during these 3 days! The product includes 42 pages of games, practice and activities to help your kiddos master geometry and is great for teachers and homeschooler!

My Get it in the Ballpark: Ballpark Estimate Practice product is more than half off. It's usually $7.00 but only $3 through March 24, 2015. This is coming in very handy for me right now as they just introduced ballpark estimates in Everyday Math and my second graders are quite befuddled! It includes 62 pages of activities to help!

Also, grab my Story Problem Pack for spring on sale! Usually $5.50 it is almost half off at $3 until March 24! Grab dozens of pages of addition and subtraction practice (both single and double digits!) for your students. Its a fun way to get some basic practice in! 

Let me know if you grab anything and what you ended up doing with them! Thanks and happy spring. Spring... are you here? Don't be shy! Sun, start shining! Temperature, let's get you over 35!

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