5 For Friday!

Hi everyone! I have finally gotten back to doing Five for Friday so I linked up with Doodlebugs Teaching!

I am so thrilled - after a dry spell - basically because I have been SO swamped with work since September and other things - I finally have finished a new product! It is a fun Fractions Game in the I Have Who Has Style and it is already up at my store (and on sale, almost 50% off until Sunday night, Jan. 25 for only 80 CENTS!). It contains 24 cards so your whole class can do the game together or you can do it in a smaller group if your students can handle 2-3 cards each. Check out the cover image and the same and click here or on the images to see more details!

So cute - my little friend wanted to help with the date and she could get the eraser up to erase the 6 but could not reach to write 7 and did not have time to get a chair since it was dismissal, so she did this. So cute!

Poor big bear Bailey had to wear this crazy collar for about 5 days. He was licking too much and I thought he was starting to  get a hot spot or some other problem so I pulled out this delight. I have a nice black foldy kind of ecollar but could not track it down. It looks insane, but it did help!

This was the best assignment ever when I was out. It was so cute to see what they wrote as to where I was. Creative and adorable! Unfortunately, there was no copyright information on the page and I don't recall where I got it. If you create your own curriculum and share it, PLEASE put a copyright on it so you can get credit! It was so fun but I don't know who to thank!


This one on the left is fun and look at the fun attempt on a closing sentence! The student on the right either is very perceptive or has been talking with a parent about what they do at work: paperwork, that is hard and that you have to give to your boss!


Sweet little one on the left is missing me. That is a "warm fuzzy"! The student on the right has described my nightmare! Being stuck for 8 hours with a broken down car!


The little cherub on the right has some great ideas and I love this picture with the caption of me trying to do whatever I can to get a ride so I can get to work! And my FAVORITE on the right says "Mayb she wonted a day of. Because She is to tiyed from teatching." (sic). Very insightful!!

I am still in love with Jamberry! I recently got the Valentine's Day themed wraps and tried mixing Love Struck with Red Currant Lacquer. What do you think? If you haven't had a sample, click on the link in the sidebar or here and I will send one your way. If you want to shop the nail wraps and lacquers, click here. There are also nail wraps for Saint Patrick's Day, Easter, and Spring! Email me if you have questions!

Thanks everyone! Have a restful weekend and I hope you don't have to shovel very much!

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