2015 Goals Linky

Hi everyone! I am linking up with Jessica of Second Grade Nest to share my 2015 goals! I'd love to hear yours too and be sure to head over to the linky to see who else linked up and what they plan to do in 2015! 

A little bit at a time in the past year and half I have been working on improvements in the house. Last year I made an office out of the guest bedroom. I also painted a bookshelf white, bought a mirror for above it and some paintings for the bedroom. I also bought a big mirror for above the sofa and threw out the ugly sailboat painting that was a handme down. Last week mom and I went to Ikea and I bought some of their Besta stuff to put as kind of a credenza/sideboard next to t he dining table instead of the ugly old computer desk from before I built the office. Next up: dresser for the bedroom, new matching nightstands, and a new dining room table with chair. Those are coming up in 2015 - I can't get everything all at once. I plan to get one or two things at a time as I can afford them. I think for now I am done until after tax season!

Exercise! Hello! After doing well last summer this school year threw me for a loop. I need to get back on the ball for this year. And notice I also didn't say "Eat healthy", I said "eat less". Just frickin' eat less for cryin' out loud (I am talking to myself :) ) . Fewer calories in will equal weight loss!

I want to keep improving on my blogging, curriculum creation and sales, and improve my Jamberry consulting goals. They are what brings me a lot of fun times and joy when life is stressful, plus I am paying down debt thanks to them and doing some things for myself (see above)!

HAWAII! Jamberry just announced their 2015 incentive trip for consultants. Besides having fun throwing Facebook parties, getting paid to have pretty nails and so much more, consultants can earn points toward a trip to Hawaii! Hotel and airfare paid for for TWO people! Wahoo! Check out the picture. Wouldn't you die to go, too? If you want to know more, comment below or e-mail me! Don't know what Jamberry nail wraps are? Click here to learn more or here to get a FREE sample!

And finally, I just want to continue to improve myself and specifically, I'd like to work towards being a Jamberry leader so I want to learn more about effective and positive leadership.

That's my 2015 plan in a nutshell! What about you? Comment below and tell me!

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