Three Scoops of Second Grade

Hey everyone ! 

I am so excited to join up with some super second grade teachers for this linky - Its a Triple Scoop of Second Grade! And thanks so much to Brenda for hosting this linky! Check out her post here and see who else linked up (clicking on any of the scoop images will also take you there)! We are each sharing with 2 scoops - 2 of our products that we think will come in handy for those of you who teach second grade (and I think some first and third grade teachers and homeschoolers!) and a third scoop of our choice! In my case, I have swapped with the lovely Crystal and am going to share with you some info about one her products that she has for second graders.

The first scoop I have for you is the scoop on my Second Grade Interactive Notebook: Language Arts! My goal this year is to focus on improving my students' writing this year so I decided to come up with my own interactive notebook. They are great because the kiddos are so engaged in putting them together, working on the activities and using them as a resource all year! 

I went ahead and made my interactive noteboook a little simpler than others out there because I felt like some fonts, borders, and clip arts are very cute but visually distracting. Even though I LOVE all the INBs other teacher bloggers created they did not exactly work for me, so I went with easy to read fonts, simpler flip flap books and accordion books, and less pieces to cut out and keep track of. I think it would be helpful to some of you all depending on your kiddos' needs.

The focus is language arts: specifically the builiding blocks that students need to become good writers. So I included infomation on: parts of speech, sentences, subjects and predicates, brainstorming, all three types of writing mentioned in the 2nd grade CCSS (narrative, opinion, and informational) and fiction writing. I think it is kind of a shame fiction writing has fallen by the wayside in many schools because it is not included in the frameworks. For students to succeed once they get out of college in today (or tomorrow's world), the economy no longer favors those who just follow the rules and act as cogs in the machine - it favors entrepreneurs, creative folks, and out of the box thinkers. One of the ways I can encourage creativity is through fiction writing (prose and poetry) so I refuse to leave it out!  :) 

Now as I get off my soapbox, (haha) here is a sneak peek at the cover and  a couple collages I put together to show you what is inside (160 pages)! Click on any image or here to see it at my store.

I included photographs of the pages in use so you can get a visual as to what to expect.

There are lots of fun flip flap books, accordion books and more included!

And one of the building blocks of interactive notebooks is resources, so I included plenty of resources for your kiddos that they add into their notebook to refer back to all year.

The second scoop I have for you (and boy, am I now craving a big chocolate ice cream cone from talking about scoops!) is that my Second Grade Back to School Starter Kit is available and could be very handy during the first week or two of school. It is jam-packed with activities so you can see where your second graders are academically and there are some informal assessments you can try as well. Quick and easy! 

Check out the collage to see what is included. Clicking on any image brings you to see it at my store.

Here is a sneak peek of the cover!

And here are just a few sample pages. I included a quick and easy capital and lower case letter assessment.

I love doing the back to school question circle. Here are a few of the questions that are included.

 This is a fun writing piece for the first week of school and I like to display them for open house or back-to-school night!

Finally my third scoop for you is  that I found an awesome product to help your second graders with practicing telling time by Teaching Little Miracles.

It is their Mega Telling Time Pack and it includes so much great stuff:

  • 8 Telling time practice pages to the 5 minutes, 15 minutes, half hour and hour. It includes both write the time the clock shows and fill in the clock to match the time! 
  • 6 I Have Who Has Games: including time to the hour and half hour (their all time best seller), hour and half hour (who has one hour later than...), hour and half hour (who has one hour earlier than), five minutes, five minutes with one hour earlier, and five minutes with one hour later
  • 6 connect four games: time to the hour, half hour, hour and half hours, and five minutes

Their clocks and cards are colorful and clear . The font is easy to read and I like how they use different colors for the hour hand and the minute hand. Nice touch!

Here is a peek at the cover. I so wanted to print them out last night but I was out of ink. Boo!

Teaching Little Miracles has a fun idea at their blog here about how you can use some of the I Have Who has Cards as a Scoot Game. What a fun variation! If you want to get more details about the Telling Time Mega Pack, head to their store here!

I hope these three scoops give you some ideas for some great resources. Be sure to hop around and see what everyone else has for you at their Three Scoops of Second Grade, and PLEASE go get yourself an ice cream cone tonight! :) 


  1. I bought your interactive notebook at the B2S sale and can't wait to use it.

    1. Yay Shannon! I hope it helps you and your class! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hey Bex! Thanks for featuring my telling time pack. Hope your kiddos enjoy the games this year--I know they will! Your INB is great! So glad to have it!

    Teaching Little Miracles

    1. Thanks Crystal! I can't wait to use it (your telling time pack!) this fall with my kiddos! It wil be so fun!