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Hey everyone! I know some of you are doing your back to school shopping because you go back in a month (?!!?!) but I have only been on summer vaca for 9 days! We go late in June up here in New England!
In any case I was thinking you might like a freebie for the fall so I have a link here to my writing prompt freebie. The topic is: If I was in charge of my house... (what a fun topic! I would have loved to write about this when I was young! Donuts for everyone would have been my first proclamation!) It does not have a fancy cover or anything but it includes the prompt and a checklist for accountability! There are actually two per page to save precious paper. Your kiddos just use the school's writing paper that you have. If you love it you may want to check out the full product - it's my top seller of all time! - Writing Prompt Collection - which contains a lot more fun prompts, checklists and writing paper options. Click here for that at my TPT store and here for it at my TN shop. To snag the freebie, click here or on the image below!

Meanwhile don't forget about my giveaway! I am giving away some FREE  Jamberry Nails accent nail wraps so you can feel good and look good!  You can also try a free sample by clicking here and filling out the form (which also gets you an entry into the giveaway, by the way!) Here is the original post where I detailed why I was doing this giveaway (basically, cause well Jamberry is AWESOME!). To enter, either check out my original post or scroll down to see the rafflecopter! Thanks everyone and happy 4th of July to you all!

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  1. i need to know the name of one of the styles you have pictures of. its the light blue with flowers and the hand is holding sand.

    1. Hi Sara, that is azure rose! Here it is on the jamberry site:http://redheadmanicures.jamberrynails.net/product/azure-rose#.U9XJcoBdW1I

      The jams can look so different depending on how the fall on the sheet of wraps and how they are placed on the nails. Here are a couple other examples of manis with azure rose: