Sunday Smorgasbord Time!

It is Sunday again! I am buckling down and doing a lot of blog posts today. I want to get my regular Sunday-Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday posts up, plus I am trying to also write and schedule the ones that will go up when I am away in Vegas! I linked up again with Fabulous in First for this fun linky!

FIRST! I just finished and uploaded my Third Grade Back to School Starter Kit! Yippee! I was working on that for about a month! Phew!  And by the way it is 50% off but only until midnight tonight, June 6! What?! Get going! If you click on any of the images or here you can see it at my TPT store, or for my Teachers Notebook shop click here.

It has all sorts of goodies in it to help make the first week back easier and more helpful for you - it includes a whole bunch of activities and assessment  including:

Back To school Morning Work
What Do I Want to Learn in 3rd Grade
Handwriting Practice
2 Friends Like Me
Back to School Question Circle
Questions for the Teacher
Fall Homophone fun
Spelling Assessment
Computation Practice Pages
Multiplication and Division Number Stories Cut and Glue
Multiplication Problems Practice Page
Division Problems Practice Page
Array Cut and Glue
Symmetry Practice Page
2-D and 3-D Shape Match
Ballpark Estimate Practice
Telling Time Practice

Here are a couple sample pages so you can get a feel!

Here is one of the 6 morning work pages. Hopefully a lot of good stuff here for your 3rd graders to practice.

Back to school writing prompt! I love doing this one and hanging them in the hall. It is a fun display for open house night.

This is a sample of the questions from the Question Circle. It is a great get to know you activity for the first or second day of school!

I threw some 2 and 3 digit addition and subtraction pages in here so you could get a quick look and see where your kiddos are with the skill (regrouping and non regrouping pages are included and labeled) at the beginning of the year. Second grade teachers could also use this during the year for practice and skill work!

I love my cut and glue activities! I included a fall-themed multiplication number story cut and glue activity (seen here) and one for division!

And among lots of other things, I included some quick pages for telling time to the 5 minutes so you can assess how they are doing so you can plan your math lessons accordingly!

NEXT, I am trying to get organized so I can go off and have a blast in VEGAS! Yay! I found some fun older pictures of my previous Vegas trips to share!

 My first trip to Vegas was 1999. Apparently there are no surviving  pics of me from that one, but here are my awesome college girl  friends that went with me!

 I went back in 2002 ( I think) with my friend Jenney. Here we are on the strip rockin' the selfie more than decade before  it was a selfie!

 Ah, the hot Vegas summer days!

 It is so hot in Vegas in the summer it is good we found out the Aladdin (I think that was what it was called at the time? It was where Planet Hollywood is now) had a Starbucks. Frappucino time!

 You can gamble while enjoying your cool drinks. This was  back when they still had working pull lever slot machines  and she carried around a bag of quarters to feed into the machine. No joke!

 In 2008 I went back with my mom and while she was at a conference took a tour of Mt. Charleston and Red Rock Canyon. Pretty spectacular!

 And finally I was back last year- went with someone who had a conference so I went and got my first margarita of the trip at Margaritaville. 

                              We had dinner at the Sugar Factory                                      before catching the red eye back.

And while he was at his conference I went to the top of the
Stratosphere. Amazing view!

FINALLY, there are only about 12 hours left in my Jamberry Nails giveaway! Click here to see the post about it and enter and if you want a a FREE sample please click here! Check out all of the fun styles. I love that they last up to 2 weeks, even through cooking, swimming, gardening, and I saw someone post her nails before and after a strenuous cross fit workout. Perfect! How can you lose?!



Thanks everyone and have a restful day!


  1. Hello! I just bought your back to school start up package. Also, did I read in your profile that you went to Colby? If so, I did too! I enjoy reading your blog. I gave a shout-out for your product. Please check it out:

    1. Colby ! Yes! I graduated in 96! Go mules!
      Thanks so much!
      Reading and Writing Redhead