Five for Friday - Scheduled before I left for Vegas!

That is right, I am off in Vegas today at the TPT Seller's conference! yay! I love Vegas and if you can't tell have been super duper jazzed about it for like at least 2 months!! After I come back I will have an update for you and then will leave you alone about it! Today I linked up with Doodlebugs Teaching for 5 for Friday!

VEGAS Baby! Yep, I am in Vegas ! Be back next week!

I have been loving all of my Jamberry Nail Wraps! I am addicted! Here are just a couple of the ones I have tried so far, and if you want a free sample, click here or on the picture on the right sidebar!

3 is for Third Grade ! I finished up my Third Grade Back to School Starter Kit! Read all the details about it here or click here or the image below to get more info at TPT!

Two weeks ago I went to the Hampton Casino Ballroom (right across the street from the beach! Interesting place for a concert hall)! I saw my current favorite band, Drive by Truckers! Super fun! I ran into two people I knew in college so that was neat. Only downside was a crazy dancing guy in front of me was really distracting me and blocking my view. It was hard enough for me to see, as I am only 5'3" and I swear, 75% of the audience were guys and probably 75% of them were 5'10" and taller. Isn't there always one crazy person at a concert distracting you? Well I kept trying to move around to see better and regardless it was an AMAZING show! I have been to two other concerts and I finally got to see my favorite song performed, "Marry Me" in the encore! They played a bunch of new stuff but tons of  old stuff and like 6-7 ones I hadn't heard concert yet - they just celebrated their 20 year anniversary as a band so they have a lot of material to choose from. Here's a couple pictures I got.

The coolest dude ever, guitarist, song writer and singer Mike Cooley!

I rushed to the restroom at one point worrying I would miss something great and when I came back it was a super cool view of the side of the stage! At one point that bass guitarist was also up front, and they were all in a line, playing guitar and singing the chorus to "Let  There be Rock". Awesome!

 I can't have a 5 for Friday without a picture of my silly boy! Here he is living the good life after a good night's sleep! Looks like he also wrestled with that sheet that is supposed to cover his beddie!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a restful weekend and I have a post for Sunday- even though I won't be back till late Tuesday night! 


  1. I looked for you at the conference, but there were clearly way too many people. I think we might have been the only 2 New Hampshire Teacher Bloggers in Vegas! Hope you had as much fun as I did!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

    1. I know! I was looking for you! Lesson learned: If I really want to find someone, get their cell # so I can text them and and track them down! We'll have to do a NH meet up!

  2. Heading over to check out your new product-next year I will be teaching a 2/3 combo--I've never taught 3rd before so I'm looking for some new material! Thanks!