Five For Friday - Post-Vegas

Yay ! It is 5 for Friday time again! Time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

Ok. this is mostly about my Vegas trip  and I have ONE post about the 10 things I learned in Vegas but I swear after that I will knock it off about it and get back to the usual topics! Bear with me!

I figured out makes awesome collages! Easy! I do see I repeated a pic though...oops! Well, we stayed at the MGM Signature Towers on the 19th floor with amazing views (as you can see) and one day my cousin and I went to the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and Boulder City. It is so different out there! Such little green! By the way, the pool was below our room, 19 stories down. Yikes! I did not want to drop the phone!

Basically, my most fun times were at the TPT conference and hanging with my cousin! Here on the top left is me with Erin Cobb of Lovin' Lit. Erin and I are on a collaborative blog together called Adventures in Literacy Land and we had never met in person. It was great to meet her! On the top right is my cousin Kate and I on the balcony at night. Bottom right, I did very well at the penny slots haha. One night I put in $20 and came out with over $90 at that Walking Dead machine at NYNY and my last day I put in $40 at Bally's at a Sex and the City one and got out  $150, plus a little more winning that night. The downside, it was a billion degrees (see car thermometer pic below). That day it actually got up to 108! WHAT?!

And more fun... posing with a weird dog statue at Aria to make Bailey jealous, accidentally taking a pic of just me instead of Kate and I, interesting lionfish at the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef and this window washer guy totally scared me as he suddenly appeared in our 19th floor window. He was just hanging, no scaffolding or anything. Yikes!

The best croissant I ever had was last year at Jean Phillipe Patisserie at Aria (I think there is one at Bellagio too) so Kate and I went on a hunt for it. Also some artwork (I mean pastries) to check out. Who would eat them? They are so gorgeous I would feel like I was ruining them by eating them!

The amazing chocolate croissant is below!
Well, you saw about my trip - here is what Bailey did while on vaca at my mom's house, and I swear these were all taken on different days, lol! HAHA silly goose!

Markdown Monday meant the start of 1 week of my First Grade Back to School Starter Kit being 50% off! Yay! It has a lot in and these are just a few sample pages. Click on any of the images to check it out at my TPT store!

Have a restful weekend everyone!


  1. I was in Vegas too! Wasn't it the BEST! And I just love to see everyone's photos! Good idea to add Hoover Dam and some other fun into the trip!! I bet Bailey is happy to have you home!

    Crayons and Whimsy

    1. Thanks Christy! I wish I ran into you! Next year I think I am staying one more day and going to the Grand Canyon!

  2. Loved seeing your pictures, and can't wait to hear about it all. We visited Hoover Dam when we traveled out too and loved it. Would love to go again.

    1. Thanks Carla! I also enjoyed the Hoover Dam but would not recommend seeing it when it is 106 degrees out! LOL

  3. Great post, Bex ... I love the PicMonkey photo collages! It was great getting to know you at the conference. By the way, when we eventually got to Hoover Dam on the 17th, it was 114 degrees! Insane!!

    1. Oh my gosh that IS INSANE! WOW! I thought I was hot. At one point I thought I was going to collapse. Good thing there was shade on one side of the street. XO!