2 For Tuesday!

So I am linking up with The Teaching Tribune for their super fun 2 for Tuesday Linky! I wanted to try this one because instead of putting one item on sale for 50% off I would put two on sale! Yep, 2 items, HALF off! 

What items will get the big discount you ask? Let's see.. How about in time for the fall, Fall Themed Addition and Subtraction Stories? You can get this item at my Teachers Pay Teachers store here or my Teacher's Notebook shop here. What is in it? 

Open Response Addition and Subtraction Problems, 2 Levels of Difficulty
Multiple Choice Addition and Subtraction Problems, 2 Levels of Difficulty
Part-part-Total Practice (2 pages)
Quantity-Quantity Difference Practice (2 pages)
Addition and Subtraction Story Problems Cut and Glue
Roll a Number Addition and Subtraction Story Games
Addition, Subtraction and Mixed Practice Homework Pages

All in all, 60 pages of fun fall-themed math practice! Check out these sample pages! Clicking on any bring you to see them at my store.

The cover and the subtraction homework page.

Multiple choice and open response-style math problem pages. 

 If you do Everyday Math (or even if you do not), you might dig these pages - they match up quite well with the program, but if you do not do EM, they are great problem solving activities and beneficial to all students!

For the cut and glue activities you get problems to solve, answers to match them with, and record sheets to glue the matches on.

Here is a collage of everything included! 

I also have the Fall Writing Prompt Collection at 1/2 off! Wow! Only $1.75! I just revamped it too! I added all the CCSS standards in I Can format, and for grades 1, 2 and 3, so you can use whichever grade you need. The I Can posters are in color and black as well. The prompts are fun and the theme is fall and back-to-school! You can see it here at my Teachers Pay Teachers store and here at my Teachers Notebook Shop. Also clicking on the images will take you to get more details!

A peek at the cover of the collection. The I can statements are in a separate file, so I made a cover page for them too.

 Here are a few examples of prompts that are included - summer memories and setting goals for the year!  Don't worry, they are full size in the product!

 Here is a collage of what you will get. I have a new Mac and am trying to figure out why when I save Power Point slides as jpegs, they come out in landscape mode, even if the PP is in portrait. If you have any advice, let me know. It would take forever to resize them all just for a collage so I left them. Never fear, they look normal in the PDF!!!

Thanks for stopping by and happy 2 for Tuesday! These products will be 50% off until next Monday!

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