Sunday Smorgasbord Linky Time!

Hi everyone! I am joining up with Fabulous in First for her super fun and random linky called Sunday Smorgasboard!  Here are my random thoughts!

First... I posted this in Five for Friday but I was missing a picture ! :( But I found it-yay! I got this fun idea from Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade! Smart gal! She posted these signs for free download on her blog and I sure did so! Then I went shopping at Target and found orange topped bins and orange accented bins (I have 6 teammates and they didn't have enough of either so mix and match it was) . I filled them with orange colored or orange flavored stuff and left them for my teammates as a surprise on their desks a few days before the last day of school. They were delighted - and it was fun and easy! And I have extra Orange soda in my own fridge! Woo! Thanks, Farley!

Some of what I put in: Jell-o, Orange soda, orange flavored gum, decaf orange flavored tea, mandarin oranges snack pack, Cheezits and a couple of other things...

Second.... I am working on a new product, a THIRD Grade back to school pack and hope to have it ready Tuesday (today I lose to a trip to Hampton Beach, NH and the Drive by Truckers concert-I am psyched!) 

Meanwhile I do have that Second Grade Back to School Pack! It has tons of stuff for getting your year off to the right start including some informal assessment and back to school activities. Here is the breakdown:

Write the Numbers 1-50 in Color and b&w 
(Write the numbers 1-100 is a separate file in this zip file)
Capital and Lower Case Letter Assessment
Short addition assessment
Short subtraction assessment
Back to School Question Circle
A Friend Like Me Scavenger Hunt
What I Want to Learn About in Second Grade 
(with and without sentence starters; 
in both Handwriting without Tears lines and regular lines
sentence starters included for first and third grade, too)
Classroom Scavenger Hunt
Chrysanthemum - inspired Name Graph and Questions
Fall Antonym Fun Game
Spelling Assessment
6 days of Back to School Morning Work

Click on any image below to take a look at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. To see it at Teachers Notebook, click here!

Cover shot!

Collage time! I have been trying these out - I wouldn't say I was good at making them but it gives you an idea!

I like this assessment to check kids' number formation and for reversals and counting difficulties too.

This is the fun Back to School antonyms game I included.

We read Chrysanthemum and I included some fun follow up activities including a class name graph.

Trying out partner work in the fall is fun and can give you a lot of insight into the kids' personalities.

I also like to check capital and lower case letter formation so I made this quick and easy assessment.

Savenger hunt time! To get to know the classsroom I always do a classroom savenger hunt on the 1st day!

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Have a restful Sunday!

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