Five for Friday - Finally Summer Vacation!

Hey all, I am back for Five for Friday! I simply could not do it the last few weeks of schools because things were INSANE! You will see why in the post below! I am linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching for the super fun linky!

Sick doggie! It was not a good month... right around June 1 Bailey stopped eating. He would only eat roast beef so his diet consisted of 10-12 slices of roast beef a day. Ugh! He started losing a lot of weight and stopped drinking water. After two trips to the vet I got an appetite stimulant for him which works in almost all animals- but not him! Not eating. The vet wanted to do an ultrasound and possibly admit him. I hemmed and hawed and then finally gave in when it became 2 1/2 weeks without eating. So he went into the hospital and I ended up taking off work - 6th to last day of school. Not a fun time of year to be out! I will not go through all the details but basically that was a Friday and Saturday night around midnight I went to sleep thinking Sunday was going to be the end. Things looked pretty bleak. Then I called the vet at 6:30 am and their tone of voice was very different. He had eaten! He was up and about! I should come get him! WOW! What a turn around! 

Right after getting home from the weekend in the ICU... tired boy!

Later that day... .look at where they shaved him for the ultrasound! Looks silly :)

So  I got him home and I was not allowed to feed him anything except  his kibble. No more hiding pills in roast beef slices. My bro and I tried tag teaming him to get his tramadol but no go. That dog is OBSTINATE when it comes to pills. I then made 11 calls in 2 days to the vet and this pharmacy that does compounding and finally got 1 of his 3 meds compounded. Diaster! Did NOT taste good at all! After a super crazy reaction I tasted a drop and it was the most bitter thing ever! Barf! lol Anyway then I made about 4 more calls to get his Amoxicillin compounded. that at least did taste ok and he is taking it. He is also is taking his hypothyroid pill because it is tiny and I hide it in his food. 

He would not eat his kibble at all but somehow I thought to soften it with water and grind it up in the food processor so it looked like wet food. For 2 days I fed him by hand-him licking the stuff off my hand. Luckily finally he decided to eat it out of a bowl like a normal dog! He is still not eating everything he should - maybe half but it is better than nothing.

Since he has not had his pain pills for his arthritis and hip dysplasia I was trying to get him to use his beds , so I even brought out the bedroom one but he would NOT lie on either! LOL right in the middle!
I am telling you this was amazing! What a turn around. I did not think this up - I read it in a book*- but this dog is AWESOME. His motto should be:
Be awesome.
Give awesome.
Get awesome.

School has ended! PHEW. But I must say I was sad because this was such a great group. It was probably the best class I ever had which makes me feel very nervous about the fall. Although I did meet the kiddos who will be in my class and they seem pretty sweet. A couple of issues (yes we can tell after only 5 minutes, right) but it might be great!

We had a fun hobby show the week before school ended . Here are a couple of pics of what the brought in. It is always neat to see what they collect and what excites them (although I had 5-6 pokemon card collections come in - that is getting old!)


I did this fun end of the year activity to help my kiddos see how much their writing and comprehension has improved. The full post is  going to be posted at Adventures in Literacy Land on Monday morning but here is one of the pictures I took. The students read the same story and did the same paper in September and June and we got them out and compared them! 

JAMBERRY! Lol I have entered the world of Jamberry Nail Wraps! If you are curious check me out at or my facebook page called Redhead Manicures. I will be posting about all things Jamberry for teachers (and having a giveaway) tomorrow so check back soon but meanwhile here is a pic or 2 of some fun nail wraps I have tried.

This is my most recent Jamicure, the wrap is called Vacay! If you look closely it has tropical drinks, bikinis, ice cream and more on them! Cute!

This was my first full Jamicure and maybe my fave so far-a mix of Orchid Skinny and Orchid Polka. Love!

And finally, I got this fun idea from Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade- you may know her as the lady who has the Currently linky on her blog! She had these labels posted for free so I snagged them. I bought orange topped or orange accented containers at Target for my teammates and filled them with orange flavored or orange colored treats, like Orange Crush, Jello, gum, orange spice tea, cheez-its and more! It was fun and I love surprising people! I left them on their desks a few days before school ended and people were delighted!  Thanks FARLEY!!


This guy cracked me up! I can  imagine he was thinking , "No thanks. Don't want to do that!" Cutie!

Hope your summer is off to a restful start!

* Here is where I first heard the "Be Awesome" motto for a dog - if you have not read her stuff she is HYSTERICAL! Click on the image to get details from Amazon!



  1. Hope the dog is eating regularly now! Your hobby day sounds awesome!

    I know a whole lot of teachers who have taken the Jamberry route! Good luck!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  2. I am so glad that your dog is feeling better!
    And super cute nails!


    Life As I Know It