Amelia Bedelia is Always Getting Mixed up!

Hey there everyone! HAPPY SUMMER! It is my first day of summer vacation and I am so excited to be linking up with Deanna Jump for a linky where we share our favorite books!

I don't know where or when I got started but I LOVE to read Amelia Bedelia with my 2nd graders! She is so hysterical ! We get a big kick out of how literal she is and how silly her mix-ups are. It is also neat to me as a teacher because there are some expressions that we don't use very much nowadays, such as "Draw the drapes" or "dress the chicken" which the kiddos are learning for the first time. Of course many of them know what a Christmas Carol is (and no, it is not a girl named Carol singing Christmas songs) or filing papers is (not filing them with an emery board!).  They also crack up when Mr. Rogers says "Oh go fly a kite!" so Amelia does just that and says something along the lines of "This is fun! Wasn't Mr. Rogers nice to suggest this!"

We also do a lot of work in second grade on character analysis. For this, I love Amelia Bedelia! She is so silly and fun and the kids get a kick out of her. Last year , I added this post on a quick and easy but fun and useful lesson I did with my class on her. Here is the character map they came up with.

The second graders also LOVE writing and drawing comparisons of what she should have done versus what she actually did. Here is a fun example!

Here are some great read alouds of Amelia Bedelia books available on Youtube!

Here are some of my favorite Amelia Bedelia books. Clicking on the cover takes you to see
them at Amazon.



  1. I LOVE Amelia Bedelia!!! She was one of my favorite characters when I was a little girl. Your post made me smile!!! Oh, I am a red head too!!! :)
    Mrs. Spriggs’ Kindergarten Pond

    1. Yay ! Redhead power! :) Thanks for stopping by Melissa and I am glad you are a fellow Amelia Bedelia fan!

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