Markdown Monday - 2nd Grade Back to School Starter Kit is 50% off!

Hey everyone!  I am joining up with Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten's Kreations for Markdown Monday! What a fun idea!

Yesterday for Sunday Smorgasbord I shared about my Second Grade Back to School Pack. Well guess what! Today you can get it for 50% off !! WHAT WHAT?! Yep! You can go here to grab it at my Teachers Pay Teachers store or here at my Teachers Notebook shop! Here is a collage of what you can find in it for math and literacy assessments and activities for your second graders!

Hope your week is off to a great start!

Sunday Smorgasbord Linky Time!

Hi everyone! I am joining up with Fabulous in First for her super fun and random linky called Sunday Smorgasboard!  Here are my random thoughts!

First... I posted this in Five for Friday but I was missing a picture ! :( But I found it-yay! I got this fun idea from Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade! Smart gal! She posted these signs for free download on her blog and I sure did so! Then I went shopping at Target and found orange topped bins and orange accented bins (I have 6 teammates and they didn't have enough of either so mix and match it was) . I filled them with orange colored or orange flavored stuff and left them for my teammates as a surprise on their desks a few days before the last day of school. They were delighted - and it was fun and easy! And I have extra Orange soda in my own fridge! Woo! Thanks, Farley!

Some of what I put in: Jell-o, Orange soda, orange flavored gum, decaf orange flavored tea, mandarin oranges snack pack, Cheezits and a couple of other things...

Second.... I am working on a new product, a THIRD Grade back to school pack and hope to have it ready Tuesday (today I lose to a trip to Hampton Beach, NH and the Drive by Truckers concert-I am psyched!) 

Meanwhile I do have that Second Grade Back to School Pack! It has tons of stuff for getting your year off to the right start including some informal assessment and back to school activities. Here is the breakdown:

Write the Numbers 1-50 in Color and b&w 
(Write the numbers 1-100 is a separate file in this zip file)
Capital and Lower Case Letter Assessment
Short addition assessment
Short subtraction assessment
Back to School Question Circle
A Friend Like Me Scavenger Hunt
What I Want to Learn About in Second Grade 
(with and without sentence starters; 
in both Handwriting without Tears lines and regular lines
sentence starters included for first and third grade, too)
Classroom Scavenger Hunt
Chrysanthemum - inspired Name Graph and Questions
Fall Antonym Fun Game
Spelling Assessment
6 days of Back to School Morning Work

Click on any image below to take a look at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. To see it at Teachers Notebook, click here!

Cover shot!

Collage time! I have been trying these out - I wouldn't say I was good at making them but it gives you an idea!

I like this assessment to check kids' number formation and for reversals and counting difficulties too.

This is the fun Back to School antonyms game I included.

We read Chrysanthemum and I included some fun follow up activities including a class name graph.

Trying out partner work in the fall is fun and can give you a lot of insight into the kids' personalities.

I also like to check capital and lower case letter formation so I made this quick and easy assessment.

Savenger hunt time! To get to know the classsroom I always do a classroom savenger hunt on the 1st day!

If you think these would be useful click on any image to learn more. Also don't forget about my rockin' Jamberry nails giveaway!  Click here to read more and enter. And you can also get a free nail wrap to try by clicking on the image in my sidebar or clicking here and filling out a short form.

Have a restful Sunday!

Teachers Should Get to Treat Themselves-Jamberry Nails Giveaway!

As teachers we work so hard! We can get frazzled, exhausted, stressed and sometimes not have any time for ourselves! Well, we deserve to still look good, right?  I just recently learned about Jamberry Nails and I wish I had known about them way sooner! I am so happy with the nail wraps and lacquers and I think I should give all you other teachers a chance to learn about Jamberry too! And to try it! I am having a Jamberry Nails giveaway! Read on to find out how you can enter and/or how to get a free sample mailed right to you!

This is my first full Jamicure with Orchid Skinny and Orchid Polka nail wraps.

So if you are in the dark and don't know what Jamberry Nail Wraps are, they are a vinyl nail wrap that are quick and easy to apply (and remove) and last about 2 weeks typically for a mani and up to 6 weeks for a pedi! NO JOKE! They are applied right over your natural nail or over acrylics. The watertight seal is heat and pressure activated and can stand up to lots of abuse (beyond just teaching which if you ask me is hell on my nails!) like swimming, working out, gardening and more. I even just saw someone post pics of their nails, then pictures of a crossfit workout they did which included moving tires around and then a pic of their nails after and they looked exactly the same. Hard core! The nail wraps are made in the USA, latex and gluten free and vegan (in case a child or animal swallows part of one) and have no toxins and are never animal tested.

Each set of wraps is ALWAYS Buy 3, Get 1 free and comes with enough wraps to do just about 2 manicures and 2 pedicures with each set. Each application costs just a couple bucks. I have been shelling out a lot of money for shellac manicures at the salon, and with  a tip, those can be at least $25 - for just one application. Eek! We teachers need to watch the bottom line right? 

So why am I so excited about Jamberry?

1. They are so easy to apply! It takes a couple minutes to prep with a cuticle pusher and an alcohol wipe and about 15 minutes to apply using heat (a rice bag or hair dryer works for me) and pressure. I sit and watch Sherlock, Arrested Development, The Walking Dead and the other shows I always want to catch up on and after only about 20 minutes my nails look fab!

2. They LAST so long! So far up to  weeks with fingers and  6 weeks on toes I used to touch up my polish every single night as it chipped off . Not with Jamberry. 

3. They have Jamberry Juniors, which are smaller sizes and different patterns so you can do Jamicures with your favorite little ones. Also there are Mommy and Me sets so you and your girl can match or complement each other! PLUS I can wear juniors because I have smallish fingernails and they are great on toenails.

4. They have 300+ colors, patterns and finishes, plus lacquer. The possibilities are endless. Shellac worked great but there are so many more options with the nail wraps and the cost per application is a fraction of the price! 

5. I am not wasting time or money by using Jamberry! My nails do not take a lot of time to do now and they are so affordable. Plus my students love a lot of the patterns and strangers even notice and compliment them. I am so into them! I ca't help but share my enthusiasm! I swear I want to throw out those 25-30 bottles of polish that are taking up space!

Here are a couple more pics of manicures I have done with nail wraps.

This one is called Vacay- if you look closely it has ice cream, starfish, tropical drinks and more on it. Adorable!

This was when I got my first sample - I put black polish from a fancy British brand on most nails and Jamberry as an accent on the pinky (that one is called Black and White Quad).

AND... this is just 4 days later, after just going to school for a couple days and not doing anything crazy - no swimming, no gardening, anything. The accent nail is still perfect and what a mess that fancy nail polish is! UGH. No time for that nonsense!!
If you're intrigued and want to enter to win a free sheet of accent nails, read on and you can also see how to get a free sample (or for that click on the image of my Jamicure in the sidebar of my blog) !

Here are  few more super fun Jamicures for inspiration!

 If you don't want to wait you can shop right from my personal Jamberry page on their site. The wraps usually arrive in 7-10 business days and come from Utah, so maybe even sooner if you are close by. You will end up wanting to do this Buy 3 Get 1 Free deal, believe me! I ordered only 1 set and after I got them I was thinking, "Nooooooo! Why didn't I get more!" Check out more of my manicures and tons of other styles at my Facebook      page, Redhead Manicures.

If you adore Jamberry, or love having fun, you can host a Facebook party and earn some great hostess rewards such as free wraps and discounts! That is actually what I did right after I got my free sample- I arranged a party with Charity, my team leader. It was so much fun! And EASY! She set up the party, I invited my Facebook friends and shared the website and Charity ran everything while I had fun with my friends and earned some freebies. Now that I am a consultant I run parties myself for people and it is a blast. It is best if you have worn your jams around so people have seen them in person. We usually schedule parties 2+ weeks out so you have plenty of time to show off your Jamicures beforehand!

If you decide to book a party with me, I will send you a hostess kit that includes a catalog and samples you can give out too and on the Facebook event page I post prizes, games, tips and other fun stuff. It is a really easy way to get free wraps once you have tried them and decided they rock! Get more info here or comment below!

Here is the hostess kit I got when I was hosting my first party!

If you KNOW you love Jamberry and are as excited about it as I am (and more and more of my teacher friends) you can join my team and be a consultant yourself! It is a great way to get some discounts on Jamberry and earn a few extra bucks. If you know you are going to wear the nail shields all the time you should sign up to consult because all your friends, family and coworkers are going to want them. I even had the barista at the Starbucks drive thru ask me how she could get the nail wraps I had on as I reached out to pay her!

If you join as a member of my team I will support you to the nth degree in your new venture and you will get tons of support and advice from everyone I know, too! We all help each other out, but really it is easy ! You can spend just 10 minutes a day on Jamberry consulting if you want or you can decide to spend the summer going all out and spend a few hours a day working on it! Believe me, there are some very busy ladies that consult (mothers of 4, working mothers, students who also work full time, single moms...) and it is a great option to spend just a little time and do something fun and earn a couple $ too.

Here is what my sponsor sent me when I joined her team. Sweet!

Why am I posting about Jamberry here? Well, as I said at the beginning, we are busy and stressed and have little time for ourselves but we teachers SHOULD get to look good and feel good about ourselves, darn it! I also know as a teacher how tight money can be and how a little extra could do a world of good , plus  I know you don't have much time to spare. I also know you will love the wraps even if you don't want to have a party or consult!

Here is the consultant kit I got in the mail! It was an exciting day! Plus, look my dog's tail made a cameo in the pic!! LOL.

BY the way, one last thing. I was SUPER JAZZED to hear Jamberry is now releasing a monthly Subscription box called StyleBox! Wahoo! I tried Birch Box, Conscious Box and Julep and ended up canceling all of them but this is perfect for me (I just signed up!) ! Starting July 1 you can order it. Basically you get $30 of Jamberry predicts, including an exclusive wrap ONLY for Stylebox subscribers. Even consultants can't get it unless they sign up for it too! You can subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months and the cancellation is easy too (but you won't cancel anyway, LOL) . Here is a fun video that give you the basics. Starting on July 1 sign up here !

I have a few sneak peek pictures for you too! 


NOW what you have been waiting for! The giveaway!!! If you want a chance to win a free set of Accent nail wraps, simply head over to My Jamberry party ,  hit shop and look around and choose your favorite wrap. Then head back here and comment below with the name of your favorite wrap. If you win, I will send you a sheet of accent nail shields  (enough to do 2 manis!)! Easy! 

If you want a free sample, simply fill out this quick form and I will send it on its way! 

Five for Friday - Finally Summer Vacation!

Hey all, I am back for Five for Friday! I simply could not do it the last few weeks of schools because things were INSANE! You will see why in the post below! I am linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching for the super fun linky!

Sick doggie! It was not a good month... right around June 1 Bailey stopped eating. He would only eat roast beef so his diet consisted of 10-12 slices of roast beef a day. Ugh! He started losing a lot of weight and stopped drinking water. After two trips to the vet I got an appetite stimulant for him which works in almost all animals- but not him! Not eating. The vet wanted to do an ultrasound and possibly admit him. I hemmed and hawed and then finally gave in when it became 2 1/2 weeks without eating. So he went into the hospital and I ended up taking off work - 6th to last day of school. Not a fun time of year to be out! I will not go through all the details but basically that was a Friday and Saturday night around midnight I went to sleep thinking Sunday was going to be the end. Things looked pretty bleak. Then I called the vet at 6:30 am and their tone of voice was very different. He had eaten! He was up and about! I should come get him! WOW! What a turn around! 

Right after getting home from the weekend in the ICU... tired boy!

Later that day... .look at where they shaved him for the ultrasound! Looks silly :)

So  I got him home and I was not allowed to feed him anything except  his kibble. No more hiding pills in roast beef slices. My bro and I tried tag teaming him to get his tramadol but no go. That dog is OBSTINATE when it comes to pills. I then made 11 calls in 2 days to the vet and this pharmacy that does compounding and finally got 1 of his 3 meds compounded. Diaster! Did NOT taste good at all! After a super crazy reaction I tasted a drop and it was the most bitter thing ever! Barf! lol Anyway then I made about 4 more calls to get his Amoxicillin compounded. that at least did taste ok and he is taking it. He is also is taking his hypothyroid pill because it is tiny and I hide it in his food. 

He would not eat his kibble at all but somehow I thought to soften it with water and grind it up in the food processor so it looked like wet food. For 2 days I fed him by hand-him licking the stuff off my hand. Luckily finally he decided to eat it out of a bowl like a normal dog! He is still not eating everything he should - maybe half but it is better than nothing.

Since he has not had his pain pills for his arthritis and hip dysplasia I was trying to get him to use his beds , so I even brought out the bedroom one but he would NOT lie on either! LOL right in the middle!
I am telling you this was amazing! What a turn around. I did not think this up - I read it in a book*- but this dog is AWESOME. His motto should be:
Be awesome.
Give awesome.
Get awesome.

School has ended! PHEW. But I must say I was sad because this was such a great group. It was probably the best class I ever had which makes me feel very nervous about the fall. Although I did meet the kiddos who will be in my class and they seem pretty sweet. A couple of issues (yes we can tell after only 5 minutes, right) but it might be great!

We had a fun hobby show the week before school ended . Here are a couple of pics of what the brought in. It is always neat to see what they collect and what excites them (although I had 5-6 pokemon card collections come in - that is getting old!)


I did this fun end of the year activity to help my kiddos see how much their writing and comprehension has improved. The full post is  going to be posted at Adventures in Literacy Land on Monday morning but here is one of the pictures I took. The students read the same story and did the same paper in September and June and we got them out and compared them! 

JAMBERRY! Lol I have entered the world of Jamberry Nail Wraps! If you are curious check me out at or my facebook page called Redhead Manicures. I will be posting about all things Jamberry for teachers (and having a giveaway) tomorrow so check back soon but meanwhile here is a pic or 2 of some fun nail wraps I have tried.

This is my most recent Jamicure, the wrap is called Vacay! If you look closely it has tropical drinks, bikinis, ice cream and more on them! Cute!

This was my first full Jamicure and maybe my fave so far-a mix of Orchid Skinny and Orchid Polka. Love!

And finally, I got this fun idea from Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade- you may know her as the lady who has the Currently linky on her blog! She had these labels posted for free so I snagged them. I bought orange topped or orange accented containers at Target for my teammates and filled them with orange flavored or orange colored treats, like Orange Crush, Jello, gum, orange spice tea, cheez-its and more! It was fun and I love surprising people! I left them on their desks a few days before school ended and people were delighted!  Thanks FARLEY!!


This guy cracked me up! I can  imagine he was thinking , "No thanks. Don't want to do that!" Cutie!

Hope your summer is off to a restful start!

* Here is where I first heard the "Be Awesome" motto for a dog - if you have not read her stuff she is HYSTERICAL! Click on the image to get details from Amazon!