Teachers Notebook AND Teachers Pay Teachers Sales!

It's Teacher Appreciation Week! To show my appreciation, everything in my Teachers Notebook and Teachers Pay Teachers shops are 20% off! My Teachers Notebook sale goes a little longer- until May 9, but my TPT Sale is only May 4-7.Please note: TPT is giving folks an extra 10% off on May 6 and 7 only, and and Teachers Notebook is giving an extra 10% off but that ends tomorrow, May 5! If you want the extra % off, be sure to visit TN before the end of May 5 and TPT on May 6 & 7.

I have also linked up with some lovely bloggers who are also having sales.  Check out my button below that shows some of my sale items and be sure to head over to Flying into First to see who else linked up and who else is having a sale!

Clicking on the images will bring you to my shops.

Cute graphic, huh? It's from Made by Room 213. Check out her shop!

 I made this one - it's not as cute, but I tried. Thanks to KG Fonts for the font on the top, and Kevin and Amanda Fonts too.

You may be interested in some products like the ones below. Stop by and just see what you think.

I have a brand new Second Grade End of the Year Mega Math Review. It seems to be a hit and I hope it helps some teachers out by giving them easy, little or no prep activities to review. I know some of you are almost done but my school is in session till June 23 (ouch) so we have plenty of time to review. Some folks also might want to snag it now while it is on sale and use it next spring. Clicking on the images takes you to my TN shop but if you want to see the Math Review at my TPT Store click here.

For math, your kiddos might enjoy these spring fraction task cards! Click the images for my TN Shop (by the way only 92 cents!) and click here for my TPT shop.

It's always good to review 2 digit addition and subtraction and story problems. here are just a few sample pages from my Spring Story Problem Pack. Click the images for my TN Shop and click here for my TPT shop.


 This one is my top seller. I think lots of folks use them at the beginning of year (that's when I do them with my kiddos) so you could snag it on sale now and use in a a few short months. Click the images for my TN Shop and click here for my TPT shop.


If you can use any of them, check them out at my TPT Store and my TN Shop on sale!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all had a restful weekend!


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