Teacher Appreciation Blog Hop -Day 2

Hi everyone ! I am delighted to be back with the second post for the Teacher Appreciation Week Blog Hop brought to you by the ladies of Adventures in Literacy Land and our friends. Be sure to enter the rafflecopter- today's prize is a $20 Amazon gift card - Wahoo! And also please hop around and see what the other teacher bloggers posted!

   Of course it is sharpies! I could not do without these bad boys! Correcting papers, labeling things, taking notes at meetings, the ways I use them are endless! How do you use your sharpies? I got these at Staples today. I went looking for some Papermate Pens which I saw another blogger had but they were too expense ($17.99 for 12 or something crazy like that) but these fine tip sharpies were on sale! I think they were $6 down from $10. Fine print is better for me- it helps me write neater and I find the bigger tips lead me to write too big and run out of room before I finish. I am like those kids who are working with the OT on visual planning! You can buy them in just about every store but if you're like me you might also just like to shop online for them.

Here's some for a pretty good price at Amazon:


Poly envelopes! Or any kind of clear or sort of clear plastic envelopes. My all time favorite are these from  Target but I have shopped for them at Staples, Amazon, and WalMart before too. I use them to store reading center activities. Each holds one center and usually is big enough to hold laminated directions, a set of student papers, cards, dice, and what not.I don't bother taking the store labels off-I usually just write right on them (with a Sharpie of course) the name of the center and what topic it is (fluency, vocab, phonics, etc.). 

PS: I can't resist a bonus must have ! My teacher toolbox! After looking at them for a year, last fall I finally bit the bullet, bought a tool chest from Home Depot, spray painted it white and bought some editable labels. Here is what it looked like. It is so handy ! Plus it makes it very easy for my para and any subs to find things quickly!

This is similar to the one I got at Home Depot, but it is from Amazon. This looks like a good one too. 

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  1. Love some Sharpies too! I use them for so much all the time!

    Reading Toward the Stars

    1. I wonder if we polled teachers - if that would be the #1 favorite!?