Five for Friday - I Finally am Wearing Short Sleeves!

It finally is warm enough for short sleeves! Not hot, but in the 60s. It did start to rain again today,but luckily not while I was taking my walk.

And Friday just passed so it is time to link up for Five for Friday. Thanks to Doodlebugs Teaching for Hosting! Here are my 5!

It's time for our plants unit in science! It is so much fun. One of the first things we do (it is the FOSS Plants and Animals Kit-though it has virtually nothing to do with animals-don't know why the kit is titled that)

We planted alfalfa  and rye grass seeds and the alfalfa germinated! The kiddos were thrilled!


I don't think you got a Happy Easter from Bailey Bunny (belated) so here it is!

I was looking through the writing journals.  We did a couple of writing prompts recently from my Spring Writing Prompt Collection. I like to shrink them on the copier and have the kids fglue them in their journals. The checklists are right there so they have accountability. The prompt on the top is "What is Spring Fever?" These responses are great. The next one is a cute story in response to that prompt about a hibernating animal waking up. If you want to see my product on TPT, click here.


So in the past year, I have broken 3 wine glasses and then a year before that I broke my wine glass from the Nashoba Winery (which is fine now because it would have reminded me of the guy I went there with) so I was down to only 2 wine glasses and they were those gigantic goblet types. I got a $10 gift to Williams Sonoma and they have a free shipping day, so I got these. They seem sparkly to me because they are so new and shiny! Love them!

I am working on a blog post for Monday with some pictures of my childhood and I came across some very interesting, funny, and cute shots. Here is a preview of a few of them!

Do you like our Easter Duds?

Anyone recognize this Laura Ashley print?

Thanks to Glitter Meets Glue for the great number clip art!

Thanks for stopping by and have a restful weekend everyone!

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