5 For Friday: Plants and Purple Teacher Cards at Schools, Fans and Fun New Toasters At Home!

It is time for  Five for Friday ! I am linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching again for this fun linky! 

Fixin' up some more stuff around here. My 10+ year old toaster finally died. When I wanted to make toast the button would not longer stay down so I would have stand there and hold it down myself and wait for the toast. Did that twice and said,  hmm, I can get a toaster for under $25? Done! Don't need a fancy convection toaster, so found this one on amazon for $22. Works great!

Here is something similar
but in a more chic silvery finish:

Also going to get rid of this: (BLAH)

And put up a ceiling fan/light combo: the Hunter Atherton (sounds fancier than it is):

Here it is now. Tomorrow an electrician is coming to do the rest!

Fun at school. I have loved this year having ipads in the room. We have 5 every day unless another class or grade needs more than 5. One of my favorite things is to have the kids take their spelling tests on them with Spelling City. I will probably do a blog post about it at some point. Love it!

I also have one chrome book,so this girl is doing her quiz on it. No desktop computers that the kids can use so I am grateful for these.

Also, can't remember if I posted these but we had so much fun learning about plants. This bean exploration was great. 

We we impressed that we could get the outer coat totally off the bean. They had never really realized that beans have a coating, never mind looked at it super closely  (of course I forget the name of it- seed coat?).

And our potato plants are growing crazy ! Look at these! Even the shorter ones were really neat because  of all the roots.

We worked more on clocks, as it was a weak spot - especially :45, :50 and :55 past the hour. I like how this puzzle came out (Thanks to Krista Walden for the puzzle pieces)!

It is part of my Swimming into Summer Math Pack. Lots of great stuff in there. If you want to know more click on any of the images to see it at TPT!

Also, leftover from Teacher Appreciation Week check out my groovy card! That is a picture of me. SO cute! 
And a very,  very delicious chocolate pop! that is how I roll!

Well, we had some adventures here with my big doggy. He refuses to get in the car anymore. It's about 10" from the ground (Honda Element) but he won't jump up and won't do the ramp I have either. It must really hurt his hips (arthritis and hip dysplasia) . I am really worried about what happens if he has to go to the vet but I did find a groomer who came to the house. Brushing inside is messy and for comparison I showed you my hand in the 2nd pic! Wow. You could make a whole new small animal from that, and it was only about 5-10 of brushing.


At least he can still enjoy his pastime of watching out the sliders to see what everybody is up to outside. 

BUT... he got a new medicine, metacam, and it came from Walgreens. I thought it was funny they took the time to manually place the label on it that says he should not drink alcohol while taking this medication. Sorry Bailey, no more margaritas for you!
 Meanwhile, I could not believe that I surpassed 1,000 followers on Pinterest! WOWOWOWOW! I am so honored that all of you folks are interested in what I find pinnable! Stop by if you want, I'm rwredhead on Pinterest. I am also trying to get more on Instagram- I am also rwredhead there. THANKS so much everyone. I am delighted!

Hope you are all well, and if like me, you are still in school, have a restful weekend!

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